If you're anything like us, you do 90% of your reading on the computer, a phone or a tablet. We're not going to discount those sources as real news, but as much as we love Internet reading, there's something to be said for consuming content and culture with an actual book that requires turning a page. In those circumstances, you need a way to keep track of where you left off because you don't have a computer to do the work for you. You could use a receipt or a business card as a bookmark, but we prefer an object that lives up to the style and ideals of the book we're reading, which is why we're using one of these Bike Spoke Bookmarks. Made of an actual bike spoke that's bent into a paperclip-like shape, this marking device makes it damn near impossible to lose track of your place in a book.

  • Made of a real bike spoke
  • 3.25" x 1.25"