The Event Horizon Spin Coin is a little black hole for your pocket. A fun time-waster, the Event Horizon Coin mimics a black hole when you spin it, with a design that makes it look like everything is being sucked into the center. Give it a spin and get lost in the mesmerizing pattern. Made from 99.9% pure blacked iron, the coin is tactilely pleasing, so you can run your thumb over it like you would a worry stone when it’s not twirling around your desk. Then, when you’re near a flat surface, give it a spin and get sucked in.

  • 99.9% pure blackened Iron
  • 1.25" diameter
  • Approximate .25" height (varies)
  • .125" ceramic ball contact point (singularity)
  • Minted in the USA
  • Black suede carrying pouch included
  • Spin times vary from 5-15 minutes (too many variables to be specific)