Clothing & Footwear

There are a lot of essential pieces of men's clothing every one of us needs in the rotation. In addition to the dark denim, brown boots, light and dark suits, button-ups and sneakers, you need a solid collection of men's basics, casual footwear and accessories. We're talking about unique graphic tees in a number of colors and designs that we've curated to work effortlessly with everything else in your wardrobe. We're also talking about multiple slipper options from the likes of Puebco, Glerups and SUBU that are as comfortable as they are easy to slip on. And if you don't feel like doing your hair in the morning, there are also some solid color hat options that are versatile and built to last. Skip the giant racks of clothing or seemingly endless online inventories because we've got your future favorite t-shirts, indoor footwear and hats right here in the Shop.