Keychains & Accessories

When it comes to the everyday carry, there's some debate about what the average guy considers EDC. If you're carrying so many pens, notebooks, knives, flashlights and wallets that you need a backpack instead of your pants pockets, is it too much? Honestly, you're the only one that can answer the because your EDC is going to be unique. The one thing we can all agree on is that you're definitely going to be carry at least one set of keys on a regular basis, and that's where we come in. We've spent ages finding the best keychains, key carrying gear and keychain accessories so your daily carry can include the knives, multi-tools, home and car keys, pens, colognes and cash that you'll need on a regular basis. You won't find any boring, run-of-the-mill split rings, carabiners or hooks here, just the unique and interesting key options that might otherwise have flown under the radar.