Kitchen + Food

As you're probably well aware, it takes a lot of things to properly stock a kitchen. In addition to the usual pieces like pots, pans, cookware, coffee, dishes and flatware, you need salts and seasonings, herbs, cool coffee mugs, sauces, timers, can openers and other great kitchen equipment. To be clear, our kitchen collection isn't outfitted like a restaurant supply store because we're not interested in offering you the same boring, utilitarian equipment you'll find there. What you will find is a unique collection of knives, flatware and tools, irreverent coffee cups and drink vessels, hot sauces, syrups and BBQ sauces made with bourbon, storage containers, enamel dishes perfect for home or the campfire and plenty of other unusual kitchen accouterments. Whether you're shopping for yourself, or looking for kitchen gifts or food gifts for someone special in your life, you'll find one of the most interesting collections right here.