Over a decade ago in Japan, Puebco founder Hiro started created things instinctively using found and recycled materials to curate renewed lifestyle items that would ultimately evolve into a collection of products that run the gamut from knives and toolboxes, to stash boxes and slippers, to packing tape and valet trays. With a combination of recycled materials, hand-made process, Japanese ingenuity and USA construction, each piece has an all together unique construction process that imbues each final object with the sum of its parts to create something unlike anything else on the market. It doesn't matter if you want a toolbox to display your tchotckes, a perfectly shaped knife to cut your bread, hilarious yet fun tape to seal all your packages, nested storage boxes to camouflage all your secrets or slippers to keep you comfy day in and day out, Puebco has options to cover you throughout the day, all day, every day.