Donation Info

We have sold out of the Sandy Relief Notebooks and Sandy Relief T-shirts. Thank you so much for your support. With your help we raised $4114.93 in donations.

Being a company based in New Jersey, we wanted to design something good looking that could help raise funds to assist all those in need in our area. 100% of the profits from both the notebooks and the t-shirts are going directly to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. In an effort to be completely transparent about everything, we wanted to provide you with a breakdown of exactly where your money is going.

If you want to donate directly to the Red Cross disaster relief fund, visit

Here's the breakdown of where your money is going when you purchase either a 2-pack of Sandy Relief Notebooks or a Sandy Relief T-shirt:

Sandy Relief Notebooks
$10.00      price
 -$2.87*     cost of goods
 -$0.25      credit card fees
   $6.97     total donated per 2-pack

Sandy Relief T-shirts
$25.00      price
 -$8.50     cost of goods
-$0.63      credit card fees
 $15.61    total donated

*The price of goods could decrease depending on quantity, in which case the total donated would increase.