Cool Material Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/shopdesc.liquid Cool Material en-us Copyright 2018 Cool Material <![CDATA[Cap-Off Bottle Opener]]> Cap-Off Bottle Opener

Cap-Off Bottle Opener


The Cap-Off is a bottle opener rooted in history. First crafted 70 years ago by Hosmer Blum, the opener was intended as a safer alternative to the standard pry bottle openers of the day. The clever design was enough to earn a mention in Popular Science, one of the most popular publications in the ‘40s. After 10 years of producing the bottle openers, Eagle Lock Company, the outfit that acquired the rights from Blum, closed up shop, and the design faded into obscurity. If you want to pop bottles like they did back in the day, now’s your chance, as this is a faithful recreation of the Cap-Off Bottle Opener. Using one hand, place the opener over your bottle, give it a squeeze, and get ready to drink after a satisfying “pop.” Each is made in the USA and ready for a lifetime of brews. Made in the USA Solid...

<![CDATA[Glacier Glasses]]> Glacier Glasses

Glacier Glasses


The hard, jagged lines of these whiskey glasses remind us of a glacier in some clear Arctic waters. It’s enough to elicit comments every time you pour some of the good stuff for you and a friend or colleague. And that’s why we dig them. They’re interesting and unlike any set of rocks glasses we’ve come across. They’re functional, too. Not only does each hold up to 10 oz. of your finest hooch, making it ideal for other drinks as well, but the heavy base keeps it from toppling over with the faintest of bumps. Your top shelf stuff deserves top shelf glasses. We think you just found them. Set of 2 10 oz. Each Dishwasher Safe

<![CDATA[Penicillin Toy Race Car]]> Penicillin Toy Race Car

Penicillin Toy Race Car


This pill-shaped race car brings to mind lowriding roadsters of years gone by. Clad in an eye-catching paint job, Penicillin boasts bold graphics and a windshield that protrudes from the top. Each is made from solid beech wood and features water-based paint, a clear urethane coating, and rubber tires to complete its simple, pared-down look. Leave one on your desk and it will remind you of the open road. 5.5” x 3” x 2.4” 13 oz. Beech Wood Water-Based Paint with Clear Urethane Coat Food Grade Rubber Tires Safety Tested to US CPSIA and European, Australian and New Zealand Regulations

<![CDATA[Charcoal 64 oz Stoneware Growler Charcoal]]> Charcoal 64 oz Stoneware Growler Charcoal

Charcoal 64 oz Stoneware Growler Charcoal


Where does it say a growler has to look utilitarian and beyond boring? Swap that basic brown glass beer vessel for something with a bit more panache. The Charcoal 64 oz. Stoneware Growler boasts a satin black charcoal exterior with flowing lines that pull the handle into the body. A bright red seal pops against the white top and draws your eyes to the growler while it sits on your home bar. Each is designed in Upstate New York and hand-poured in Central Ohio. Go get one filled at your local brewery and we guarantee you’ll get compliments. 64 oz. Made in the USA

<![CDATA[Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup]]> Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup

Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup


An old fashioned is our go-to drink at a good cocktail bar. At home? Eh, just give us the bourbon straight; we’re not looking to go through all the hassle. Well, with Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup, that hassle is no more. Simply mix a ¼ ounce of this syrup with 2 ounces of your favorite bourbon, rye, or whiskey and stir it up. Now you have yourself an old fashioned. It’s that easy. Yes, you can add garnishes if you like, but it’s not at all necessary. Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup hacks the old fashioned-making process and allows you to enjoy one of the most delicious cocktails without the effort. Ingredients: Demerara Sugar, Mountain Spring Water, Orange Peel, Tart Cherries, Bitter Herbs, and Citric Acid 7 fl oz Suggested Use: Add ¼ oz Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup to 2 oz of Bourbon. Serve Over Ice, Stir, and Garnish with Orange...

<![CDATA[Bear Growler]]> Bear Growler

Bear Growler


Get ready to tear into your next IPA, stout, or Pilsner when you use this glass growler to bring fresh beer home with you. Fill it up with 64 ounces of the good stuff at your local brewery and skip the outdated 6-packs sitting like landmines on the shelf at your corner bottle shop. Each amber glass growler features gold artwork and includes a metal screw cap to keep those suds fresh. Maybe just choose a different one for the campsite, however. 64 oz Glass Hand Wash Only

<![CDATA[Liquid Courage Decanter]]> Liquid Courage Decanter

Liquid Courage Decanter


Bold action requires courage. If your nerves are Mexican jumping beans, perhaps a bit of that courage can be found in this decanter. The Liquid Courage Decanter is the perfect storage vessel for your finest whiskey, rum, or other spirit. Able to hold up to 34 oz., the stylish decanter turns your hooch into something worthy of display on a home bar, bar cart, or kitchen shelf. The gold lettering will catch your eye every time the light hits it just right and remind you that courage is just a sip away. 34 oz. Hand-Blown Laboratory Glass

<![CDATA[IPA Glasses]]> IPA Glasses

IPA Glasses


If you’re going to drink a good IPA, why would you let all those glorious hop notes slip away? If you want the juicy notes of Citra hops or the spicy profile of Nugget, consider a glass designed to deliver them. The IPA Glass was created by Erika Lagerbielke, a glass designer and someone with the word “Lager” in their name, to funnel the aroma of your IPA right to your nose. This means that all the effort that went into crafting your beer is not lost on you when you drink it. This set of four glasses is designed to elevate your next bottle share or post-work beverage. The elegant design sits comfortably in your hand and is attractive on display on a home bar or bar cart. If you’re going to drink fresh IPAs, give them the glass they deserve. Set of 4 6" x 3.3"

<![CDATA[Probably Whiskey Mug]]> Probably Whiskey Mug

Probably Whiskey Mug

$12.95 - $23.95

The hell with keeping up appearances. Why not just be real about it and skip all the lying and covert ops? This mug shares with the world what it was already thinking. Written across the front of the enamel mug is the phrase, “Probably Whiskey,” because, well, you’re probably drinking whiskey. We mean, it IS Tuesday. With the ability to hold 16 ounces of liquid, you could conceivably drink coffee, water, hot chocolate, or soda out of it, as well. But, again, it will probably be whiskey. 16 oz. 4” x 3.5” Enamel Hand Wash Do not microwave

<![CDATA[Probably Beer Mug]]> Probably Beer Mug

Probably Beer Mug


The hell with keeping up appearances. Why not just be real about it and skip all the lying and covert ops? This mug shares with the world what it’s already thinking. Written across the front of the enamel mug is the phrase, “Probably Beer,” because, well, you’re probably drinking beer. We mean, it IS Tuesday. With the ability to hold 16 ounces of liquid, you could conceivably drink coffee, water, hot chocolate, or soda out of it, as well. But, again, it will probably be beer. 16 oz. 4” x 3.5” Enamel Hand wash only Do not microwave

<![CDATA[Alkemista Infusion Vessel]]> Alkemista Infusion Vessel

Alkemista Infusion Vessel


When you own the Alkemista Infusion Vessel, every spirit is an array of possibilities. No longer are you limited to basic vodka and standard whiskey; you can craft exotic elixirs. Get a cucumber gin going. Maybe try out an apple cinnamon bourbon. The only limit is your imagination. That’s because the Alkemista Infusion Vessel makes infusing beverages a breeze. The all-in-one design lets you load up fresh fruit, spices, herbs, and botanicals to infuse your booze with. Shaped like an attractive classic spirits bottle, the Alkemista Infusion Vessel functions much like a Japanese teapot, allowing you to add flavor to your liquid without leaving your beverage muddied. Included is an instruction and recipes book so you can get the hang of it before going off and concocting your own unique libations. A round of coffee vanilla bourbons sounds pretty good to us. 950 ml Borosilicate Glass Ultra-Fine Stainless Steel Filter...

<![CDATA[ZYX Flask]]> ZYX Flask

ZYX Flask


The flask, by nature, is a clandestine item. It slips in and out of interior suit pockets on the sly and offers secretive nips. Why not bring an added dose of covertness to the whole ordeal with this All Black ZYX Flask? The stainless steel flask sports a mysterious motif that’s only boasted by the alphabet being curiously printed in reverse on the front. Each all black ZYX Flask holds 6 ounces of the good stuff. If an MI6 agent were to take a swig on the job, we'd like to imagine this would be his flask of choice. 6 ox. Stainless Steel

<![CDATA[Melted Whiskey Glasses]]> Melted Whiskey Glasses

Melted Whiskey Glasses


No, you haven’t had too much bourbon; these glasses do look like this. While the Melted Whiskey Glass looks like it was pulled out of the kiln a bit too early, it’s actually designed to give the appearance of motion and offer finger-friendly grooves. The unique design allows the tumblers to sit nicely in your hand so you can sip your whiskey slowly. Set of 4 Dishwasher safe

<![CDATA[The Seven Kingdoms Mug]]> The Seven Kingdoms Mug

The Seven Kingdoms Mug


Channel your inner Tyrion Lannister and drink your wine—or beer, booze, blood of your enemies—from this handmade Horn Mug. Each is crafted from real cattle horn and is ready for your next Game of Thrones feast. And since each is made from actual cattle horn, no two are alike. All are finished by hand and attached to a solid wooden base. Roast up a whole chicken, pour a drink into your Horn Mug, and go to town with your bare hands. Details Holds 1 pint – 1 ¼ pints 6-8” tall Made by hand from actual cattle horn Smooth polished finish Hand wash Not intended for hot liquids NOTE: Because they’re crafted from actual cattle horn, no two are alike. Yours may differ in color and pattern from the ones pictured.

<![CDATA[Steer Horn Drinking Cups (2 Pack)]]> Steer Horn Drinking Cups (2 Pack)

Steer Horn Drinking Cups (2 Pack)


Raise the bar with our Horn Drinking Cups. A throw back to the Viking time era, horns replaced clay and metal vessels of the time period. Cut from an authentic steer horn, this drinking cup has a natural curve and handsome blend of colors. These cups will vary in thickness and openings. Sold in sets of two. Details 3.5" x 2" Sold in sets of two Authentic steer horn Smooth polished finish Hand wash Not intended for hot liquids Note: shape, color, and grain of horn cups will vary.

<![CDATA[Skull Bottle Opener]]> Skull Bottle Opener

Skull Bottle Opener

$42.20 - $48.36

Back in the 1300s, Europeans decorated their homes with skulls as a reminder to celebrate life. What better way to remind yourself to have a good time than this biting skull bottle opener? Hand cast out of bronze, each features two skulls, one of which is ready to clamp down on your next bottle cap. Consider it a memento mori and toast to the good times. Details Hand cast Bronze Made in the USA

<![CDATA[Matterhorn Glasses (2)]]> Matterhorn Glasses (2)

Matterhorn Glasses (2)


How do you unwind after a grueling day of hiking? How about a bit of whiskey from your new Matterhorn Glass. Inspired by the famous mountain in the Alps, the glass is way more interesting than your average tumbler. Crafted out of crystal, the glass looks even more impressive when it’s half-filled with some of the good stuff than it does when sitting on the shelf, which is good because you’ll want to use it often and show it off. You may never conquer the 14,500+ ft mountain, but you can conquer a few fingers of Johnnie Walker after work. Details Crystal glass Modeled after Swiss Alps’ Matterhorn peak Sold in Sets of 2

<![CDATA[Steel Ball Whiskey Chillers]]> Steel Ball Whiskey Chillers

Steel Ball Whiskey Chillers


Imagined and designed by a lover of good whiskey, Balls of Steel are one of the best ways to chill your booze without losing flavor. Forged from the highest quality stainless steel and featuring an Arctic Core, they'll keep your drink cool for an extended period of time without diluting it. This means you can enjoy a nicely chilled glass of whiskey that still has all the robust flavors you were hoping for. Each set includes a pair of tongs and a travel pouch. Details Highest quality stainless steel Arctic Core Set of 2 Includes tongs and travel pouch Made in the USA

<![CDATA[Faceted Whiskey Glasses]]> Faceted Whiskey Glasses

Faceted Whiskey Glasses


We stumbled across these whiskey glasses a while ago, and while we love the idea of sipping some good Scotch like Rick Deckard in Blade Runner, we weren’t ready to shell out more on our glass than on the booze itself. Now we present a more affordable and just as stylish option for your Glenlivet. The Cassiopea Rocks Glasses sport a similar motif and cost under $25 for a set of four. Choose from “Clear” or “Smoke” and start downing your booze in style before taking out some replicants. Details Set of 4 Glasses 11¼ oz Made in Italy Dishwasher Safe

<![CDATA[Cool Material Gift Card]]> Cool Material Gift Card

Cool Material Gift Card

$25.00 - $200.00

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Cool Material Gift Card. Cool Material Gift Cards do not expire. Directions:1. Order a gift card of your desired amount.2. Upon completing your order, you'll receive your Gift Card via email.3. Use this email to forward the Gift Card to a recipient of your choice (or) use the provided secure URL to share, print and check the updated balance of the Gift Card. Only valid on items found in the Cool Material Shop.

<![CDATA[Don't F*cking Procrastinate Mug]]> Don't F*cking Procrastinate Mug

Don't F*cking Procrastinate Mug


Your first cup of coffee is meant to kickstart your productivity at work. What it usually does, however, is make you scroll through Twitter and Facebook at an incredible rate. Pour your morning joe into the Don’t Fucking Procrastinate Mug and that won’t be the issue. The subdued, black on black mug gives you a little dose of motivation whenever you down some coffee. Now get to work.

<![CDATA[Advice Mug]]> Advice Mug

Advice Mug


If the “Don’t Fucking Procrastinate Mug” doesn’t get you going and you need a bit more of a kick in the pants when you wake up, consider the Advice Mug. Splashed with little pieces of advice like, “Be fucking bold,” and, “Fucking risk everything,” it’s the perfect way to start conquering the day. Now get to fucking work. Love your fucking job. Seek fucking criticism. Change your fucking routine. Carve your own fucking path. Make a fucking difference. Learn to fucking improvise. Be fucking bold. Get up fucking early. Fucking risk everything. Fail, fail, and fucking fail again.

<![CDATA[Adventure Stainless Steel Flask]]> Adventure Stainless Steel Flask

Adventure Stainless Steel Flask


For a no-frills flask that's perfect to toss in your bag when you're out camping or exploring, turn to Stanley. The classic brand has been crafting solid, well-made food and drink gear since 1913. Their latest flask is the first in the Adventure Series which is aimed at being both essential and rugged. With more grip than its predecessors, the Adventure Series Flask is made of 18/8 stainless steel which won't rust and is naturally BPA-free. The integrated lanyard assures you will never lose your cap and the flask itself is leak-proof and fully packable. The 8 oz Stanley Adventure Series Flask is ideal for those looking for a discreet yet rugged way to grab a quick nip.