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Comparing a cup of coffee from a good coffee shop to the sludge most people consume at home is like comparing a wonderfully fresh IPA to a stale macro lager. It doesn’t have to be this way. With Brew, you’ll learn how to craft an incredible cup of java right at home. The approachable guidebook by Brian Jones ditches stereotypical stuffiness in favor of actionable steps to help you craft a perfect homemade coffee. It will teach you how to buy the best beans, become a master with any piece of equipment, and even whip up coffee-based drinks and cocktails. Your mornings deserve better than weak pods. 160 Pages Premium Hardcover 7.5” x 9.5”

<![CDATA[Machined Magnetic Bottle Opener]]> Machined Magnetic Bottle Opener

Machined Magnetic Bottle Opener


There’s a reason we chose this Machined Magnetic Bottle Opener as one of the best bottle openers out there. Not only does the simple, clean design make for one sexy bottle popper, but the embedded magnets actually catch your cap from falling to the ground after you crack a beer. It’s elegant, smart, a far nicer than any chintzy bottle opener. And since it’s machined from stainless steel, it’s far more durable, too. Stainless steel with a black nickel plated finish 0.275” x 1.8” x 4.25” 3.63 ounces Neodymium magnets

<![CDATA[14 oz Tulip Mug]]> 14 oz Tulip Mug

14 oz Tulip Mug


Every one of these 14 oz. Tulip Mugs are handmade one at a time on a pottery wheel. That means that your new coffee mug will be unlike any coffee mug at the office—or, really, unlike any coffee mug in existence. Made by Bubba Jones Brew Cups, each mug is finished with a glaze they developed that’s designed to look sharp on top of the clay vessel. Even if you aren’t filling it at an epic feast for a king, it will look damn good when you stick it under a Keurig. Handmade Clay / ceramic stoneware Made in the USA

<![CDATA[64oz Straight Jug Growler]]> 64oz Straight Jug Growler

64oz Straight Jug Growler


The 64 Oz. Straight Jug Growler is a monument to taste, sophistication, and elegance—for dudes who love beer. With a design that harkens back to the ornate pottery of ancient Rome, this beer growler is handmade by a real craftsman on a real potter’s wheel. Featuring a beautiful Night Sky Blue glaze and banding pattern, and featuring a hand-pulled handle and an airtight plug, these growlers aren’t just unique; they’re effective. Keep your beer fresher, longer, and with more style than a Roman aristocrat with this special growler. 64oz  Handmade Clay / ceramic stoneware Made in the USA

<![CDATA[Star Spangled Spatula]]> Star Spangled Spatula

Star Spangled Spatula


If you’re the one slinging burgers on the Fourth of July, let us introduce you to your new spatula. The Star Spangled Spatula brings a dose of patriotism to your patties. But don’t let the bit of whimsy fool you, this is no cheap, jokey grill accessory. The Star Spangled Spatula is handmade out of solid American walnut and stainless steel by one of the oldest cutlery companies in the USA. Not only that, the energy used to craft the spatula was harvested from the Deerfield River in Massachusetts, only adding to the American pride you’ll feel when using it. Each is built to be the last spatula you’ll ever have to buy. Just remember to cue “America the Beautiful” when you fire up the grill. Handmade in the USA American walnut and stainless steel 19.5” x 4” x 2”

<![CDATA[Black Truffle Salt]]> Black Truffle Salt

Black Truffle Salt


Used sparingly, black truffle can bring a world of flavor to any dish. But if you try to go out and buy a handful of those fragrant wonders, the price tag will make your eyeballs pop out of your skull. That’s why we recommend Amola’s Black Truffle Salt, which mixes sea salt with just enough black truffle to allow you to bring an incredible aroma and earthy taste to whatever you put it on. Transform mashed potatoes. Change up caprese salad. Put a pinch on pizza and you’ll never want a slice without it ever again. Trust us. For the rich, intoxicating aroma and taste of black truffle, without the hunting or penny-saving, turn to Amola Black Truffle Salt. Ingredients: Sea Salt, Black Truffle 60 grams

<![CDATA[Smoky Espresso Salt]]> Smoky Espresso Salt

Smoky Espresso Salt


A little salty, a little sweet, and an interesting blend of smoke makes this seasoning some of the most palate-enticing stuff we’ve seen in a while. Its only ingredients are sea salt, turbinado sugar, black pepper, chili powder, espresso, and ginger (yes, ginger), which, as you can imagine, makes for a heck of a seasoning. It pairs wonderfully as a rub with any beef, pork, or wild game, and is absolutely superb when sprinled over a s’more. Whether for dinner or dessert, the Amola Smoky Espresso Salt is a sure thing. Ingredients: sea salt, turbinado sugar, black pepper, espresso, chill powder, ginger 100 grams

<![CDATA[Molten Hot Salt]]> Molten Hot Salt

Molten Hot Salt


When you’re looking for a little extra heat, Amola’s Molten Hot Salt has as much or as little as you’d like. Made with sea salt, chipotle, cayenne pepper, habanero pepper, scorpion pepper, and the feared and respected ghost pepper, Molten Hot Salt will liven up your scrambled eggs, your chili con carne, or even add a whole new dimension to your grilled scallops and other seafoods. Just be careful not to overdo it—this stuff is called a “finishing salt” for a reason. Ingredients: sea salt, chipotle, ghost pepper, cayenne pepper, habanero pepper, scorpion pepper 100 grams

<![CDATA[Bacon Salt]]> Bacon Salt

Bacon Salt


Amola bacon salt has but two ingredients: sea salt and heritage pork. No fancy gimmicks, no weird preservatives, and definitely no unnecessary filler. Just two of our two favorite things—salt and bacon—wrapped into one beautiful package. Amola’s most popular salt to date, Bacon Salt goes great on everything from popcorn to fried eggs, and will even make your vegetables taste less like, well, vegetables. And when you’re feeling extra wild, sprinkle a little bit on some dark chocolate. Ugh, we can practically taste that delicious bacon-y goodness. Ingredients: sea salt, heritage pork 100 grams

<![CDATA[Chops Cutting Board]]> Chops Cutting Board

Chops Cutting Board


We love chopping, dicing and mincing as much as the next guy, but the limited options for knives and cutting boards after the hard work is done are terrible. Cutting boards sit awkwardly somewhere while they dry. Knives get cleaned only to go back into a block or drawer. Chop Cutting Boards uses two solid wood cutting boards that magnetically attach to two sides of a vertical knife rack to create an all-in-one storage station that also works as a drying rack and kitchen display piece. Two cutting boards 9.75" x 14" Solid metal base

<![CDATA[Marlowe Lunch Bag]]> Marlowe Lunch Bag

Marlowe Lunch Bag


The brown bag lunch calls to mind a time filled with surprises, delicious sandwiches and snacks lovingly packed by someone who loved you so much they just wanted to make you smile. Think of the waxed duck canvas, reusable Marlowe Lunchbag as the upgraded version of that brown bag from your childhood. You might have to pack your own lunches these days, but that doesn't mean you can't tote them in style with a fair bit of nostalgia as well. 12" H x 8" W x 5" D Waxed canvas Exterior pocket Made in the USA

<![CDATA[Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glass 4 Pack]]> Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glass 4 Pack

Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glass 4 Pack


Made in the USA with BPA-free and FDA-approved Tritan polymer, this set of four Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses looks, feels and is weighted like traditional glass with the aforementioned benefit of being unbreakable. In addition to being the perfect party or entertaining glass because of its ability to withstand falls of 10+ feet, they're also dishwasher and microwave safe. Pack of 4 Made in the USA Unbreakable

<![CDATA[Bottoms Up Shot Glasses]]> Bottoms Up Shot Glasses

Bottoms Up Shot Glasses


The shotglass collection most of have near our bar is likely filled with mementos of places traveled, remnants of college and leftovers from parties. Throw them all out and replace them with this set of Bottoms Up Shot Glasses. Made in Brooklyn and stamped with the inspiring Bottoms Up toast on the bottom, each set includes three glasses that hold one shot and measure 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". They're perfect for everything from measuring cocktails to those evenings that call for tequila. Made in the USA Sold in pack of 3

<![CDATA[Falcon Enamelware Mug]]> Falcon Enamelware Mug

Falcon Enamelware Mug


Crafted by Falcon, a company who’s been making fine enamelware products since the 1920s, this mug is set to become your go-to drinking vessel. Enamelware, which is glass fused onto heavy-gauge steel, allows this mug to exceedingly durable, smooth, and chemically-resistant. The design is modeled after Falcon’s iconic mug, only this version features thicker enamel for even extra durability. And since it’s oven-safe to 530℉, you can use it for more than just sipping your morning coffee. Black and white Oven-safe up to 530℉ Dishwasher safe 3.3” tall Holds 350ml Note: Enamelware can chip, but is still perfectly usable if it does

<![CDATA[Falcon Enamelware Deep Plates]]> Falcon Enamelware Deep Plates

Falcon Enamelware Deep Plates


Consider these Enamelware Deep Plates the cast iron skillets of your dish collection. Not only are they crafted to handle a lifetime of meals, but they are oven-safe up to 530℉. Ideal for cuts of meat swimming in broth, soups, and perfectly sauced pastas, the plates can be broken out for just about any feast. Enamelware, which is glass fused onto heavy-gauge steel, gives these Deep Plates a smooth, durable, and chemically-resistant surface, and allows them, unlike your cast iron pans, to be tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Best of all, Falcon has been crafting fine enamelware since the 1920s, so they kinda have it down. 4 Plates per pack 8.6” Black and white Oven-safe up to 530℉ Dishwasher safe Note: Enamelware can chip, but is still perfectly usable if it does

<![CDATA[Coffee Scoop Bag Clip]]> Coffee Scoop Bag Clip

Coffee Scoop Bag Clip


Digging for the scoop in a bag of coffee means you’re going to get grounds stuck under your fingernails. Not clamping that bag shut when you’re done means those grounds could also end up all over your shelf. The Coffee Scoop Bag Clip solves both those problems. The stainless steel Coffee Scoop Bag Clip has a 1 tablespoon measuring cup on the end of the clip for easy scooping and sealing. Details 6.5” x 1” Stainless Steel 1 Tbsp measuring cup

<![CDATA[Fish Flask]]> Fish Flask

Fish Flask


Fishing is an exercise in patience. You cast a line, you sit, you wait—and that’s why you bring alcohol. For a drinking vessel appropriate for a day at sea or one perched by the water’s edge, may we recommend the Fish Flask. The 4 oz. stainless steel flask holds enough hooch to keep you warm until you reel in your catch of the day. Time to make some room in your tackle box. Stainless steel 4 oz. Twist-off cap 8.25" x 1.25" x 2.5" Hand wash only

<![CDATA[Hot Sauce Kit]]> Hot Sauce Kit

Hot Sauce Kit


First you buy this kit. Then you craft your own hot sauce. Then you come up with your own goofy name like Bill’s Flaming Cheeks or Blazing Quick Pipe Cleaner. The Hot Sauce Kit has everything you need to make some of your very own hot sauce right on your stovetop. You’ll receive: hot sauce bottles, a fine mesh strainer, a steel funnel, two different chili spice blends, and directions. The kit is made in the USA and designed to help you craft two unique sauces. Once you’ve mastered how to do it, you can go off and craft your own line with a TMI name. Made in the USA Includes: Hot Sauce Bottles (4) Fine Mesh Strainer Steel Funnel Two Different Chili Spice Blends

<![CDATA[Single Malt Scotch Toothpicks]]> Single Malt Scotch Toothpicks

Single Malt Scotch Toothpicks

$6.95 - $27.95

Relaxing with a fine single malt after a meal is a luxury we stand behind. To help you segue from steak to scotch, keep a pack of these toothpicks in your pocket. These Single Malt Scotch Toothpicks are made with an Islay single malt from a 200-year-old distillery and are kiln dried. As you let one sit in your mouth, the subtle peaty and boozy flavors will start to come through and remind you of a relaxing night with a splash of the good stuff. Whether you need to clean your chops after a rack of ribs, or you just want to enjoy the fine flavors packed in each toothpick, carrying a pack is highly recommended for any scotch lover. Details 4 bottles (minimum of 12 toothpicks per bottle) Made with an Islay single malt

<![CDATA[Bourbon Toothpicks]]> Bourbon Toothpicks

Bourbon Toothpicks

$6.95 - $27.95

Relaxing with a bit of bourbon after a meal is a luxury we stand behind. To help you segue from beef to booze, keep a pack of these toothpicks in your pocket. These Bourbon Toothpicks are made with a 6-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon. As you let one sit in your mouth, the vanilla, spice, oak, and other bourbon notes will start to come through and remind you of a relaxing night with a splash of the good stuff. Whether you need to clean your chops after a rack of ribs, or you just want to enjoy the fine flavors packed in each toothpick, carrying a pack is highly recommended for any bourbon lover. Details 4 bottles (minimum of 12 toothpicks per bottle) Made with a 6-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon

<![CDATA[Waxed Canvas Pocket Knife Roll]]> Waxed Canvas Pocket Knife Roll

Waxed Canvas Pocket Knife Roll


As any outdoorsman knows, there isn’t just one knife to rule them all. Certain tasks require a small Swiss Army knife with a pair of tiny scissors, some call for a robust folder, others demand a well-equipped multi-tool. For carrying your pocket knife collection, we teamed up with Bradley Mountain to create this durable and stylish Waxed Canvas Pocket Knife Roll. Designed to store, organize and transport seven of your blades and one sharpening stone (included), the Waxed Canvas Pocket Knife Roll is ideal for displaying your blades and rolling them up when it’s time for adventure. Every one is handmade in California out of rugged waxed canvas and oiled leather, and each is constructed to last a lifetime. You’ll be prepared for any task, and you’ll never have to fish through your bag for a loose pocket knife again. On the trail, in a desk drawer, or tucked at the...

<![CDATA[Copper Moscow Mule Mug]]> Copper Moscow Mule Mug

Copper Moscow Mule Mug


Ever since the Moscow Mule was concocted back in 1941, it’s been consumed from an attention-stealing copper mug—like this one. This 12 oz. version is crafted from 100% pure copper and is perfect for your summer drinks—Moscow Mules or not. Since copper is a highly conductive metal, the mug will keep your cold beverage cold even on a hot day. Instead of having your drink turn to warm liquid while lounging poolside, you can rely on the Copper Moscow Mule Mug to keep it chilled. A food-safe lacquer will slow the oxidation and tarnishing of the copper over time, but to keep a nice shine it’s recommended you use a polish like Barkeeper’s Friend. Whether you’re pouring a mixture of vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice for your classic Moscow Mule, or you’re enjoying something else entirely, it’s sharp-looking piece of barware we recommend. Details 100% pure copper 12 oz....

<![CDATA[Grandpa's FireFork]]> Grandpa's FireFork

Grandpa's FireFork


What’s better than roasting one marshmallow at a time? Roasting two. And what’s better than jamming that marshmallow on a stick that’s been trampled on by mud-caked boots? Just about anything. Grandpa’s FireFork is a clever little device that attaches to the end of a stick and turns it into a two-pronged cooking device. Not only does it allow you to cook two marshmallows, hot dogs, or other campfire cuisines at once, but it does so without requiring you to cut down a fresh branch. Each is made from a single stainless steel wire and doubles as a fire-poker. Details Pack of 2 Includes 2 safety caps for storage

<![CDATA[4 in 1 Bar Tool]]> 4 in 1 Bar Tool

4 in 1 Bar Tool


Beer. Wine. Cocktails. Pleasing everyone when you have people over generally requires a bunch of tools, but that isn't the case with this 4-in-1 Bar Tool. This bronze tool from Izola includes everything you need except to make everyone happy except the liquor and the ice. Break the ice. Crack a brew. Pull the cap and pop the cork. Measure out perfect 1oz and 2oz pours for your signature cocktail. This 4-in-1 Bar Tool is the only tool you need for everything from cocktails to beer, and it looks good too. Bottle opener Cork puller 1oz & 2oz pours Ice crusher

<![CDATA[Wooden Herb Stash - Small]]> Wooden Herb Stash - Small

Wooden Herb Stash - Small


Keeping your stash in Ziploc bags makes you look like a party-hungry college freshman. For a more adult way of handling things, consider one of these Stash Containers. Made from Paulownia tree wood, each has an inner lid to keep things fresh and an aesthetic that will jive with a clean, modern room. The stylish container can be used for tea and other loose items, as well. Details 3.5” x 2.5” Made from Paulownia tree wood Made in Japan

<![CDATA[Herb Stash Container - Copper]]> Herb Stash Container - Copper

Herb Stash Container - Copper


Keeping your stash in Ziploc bags makes you look like a party-hungry college freshman. For a more adult way of handling things, consider one of these Stash Containers. Made from beaten copper, each has an inner lid to keep things fresh and an aesthetic that will jive with a clean, modern room. The stylish container even includes a copper scoop, and it can be used for tea and other loose items, as well. Details 4.3” x 2.05” Beaten Copper Copper scoop included Made in Japan

<![CDATA[The Pocket Torch]]> The Pocket Torch

The Pocket Torch


Using a disposable lighter to try and ignite firewood or get a camping stove going isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean you need a different tool for the job. With The Pocket Torch, your cheap disposable lighter transforms into powerful little torch with a flame temperature of 2,300 °F. A former Backpacker Editors’ Choice Award-Winning device, The Pocket Torch is an ingenious and affordable way to handle tasks your lighter isn’t normally equipped for. Simply pop it on your lighter, and you’ve got yourself a little blowtorch. It also happens to actually increase the lifespan of your lighter in the process. Details Accepts rectangular disposable lighters (not included); does not fit round disposable lighters, such as Bic lighters Designed for use below 5,000 ft in elevation 1.8 oz 2,300°F flame temperature

<![CDATA[German Military Surplus Utensil Set]]> German Military Surplus Utensil Set

German Military Surplus Utensil Set


Unless you plan on eating that can of beans next to the fire with your bare hands, you might want to consider these camping utensils for your next adventure. These German Army-issued 4-piece kits include a knife, fork, spoon, and can and bottle opener that all secure together in one handy unit. Every set is made of rugged stainless steel so the utensils won’t break at the sight of an overcooked steak. Details Includes a knife, fork, spoon, and bottle and can opener Stainless steel

<![CDATA[Mushroom Foraging Knife]]> Mushroom Foraging Knife

Mushroom Foraging Knife


You don’t need to forage for mushrooms to appreciate the usefulness of this knife. While the blade is designed to cleanly remove mushrooms from the ground without tugging them, the tweezers to pick away tricky pine needles, and the brush to clear away excess dirt before pack them up, the Mushroom Knife will come in handy in a variety of situations that don’t involve acquiring flavor additions for your next soup. The curved blade with its sharp point makes for an excellent do-everything camping knife, and the brush can assist while preparing some food for the campfire. Or you could read up, grab a basket, and start foraging. Details Nylon sheath Solid zebrawood handle Wild boar hair brush Thorn tweezers 420 stainless steel blade  

<![CDATA[Cool Material Gift Card]]> Cool Material Gift Card

Cool Material Gift Card

$15.00 - $200.00

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Cool Material Gift Card. Cool Material Gift Cards do not expire. Directions:1. Order a gift card of your desired amount.2. Upon completing your order, you'll receive your Gift Card via email.3. Use this email to forward the Gift Card to a recipient of your choice (or) use the provided secure URL to share, print and check the updated balance of the Gift Card. Only valid on items found in the Cool Material Shop.

<![CDATA[Don't Fucking Procrastinate Mug]]> Don't Fucking Procrastinate Mug

Don't Fucking Procrastinate Mug


Your first cup of coffee is meant to kickstart your productivity at work. What it usually does, however, is make you scroll through Twitter and Facebook at an incredible rate. Pour your morning joe into the Don’t Fucking Procrastinate Mug and that won’t be the issue. The subdued, black on black mug gives you a little dose of motivation whenever you down some coffee. Now get to work.

<![CDATA[Advice Mug]]> Advice Mug

Advice Mug


Re-stock on it's way. Orders placed today will ship on 4/26If the “Don’t Fucking Procrastinate Mug” doesn’t get you going and you need a bit more of a kick in the pants when you wake up, consider the Advice Mug. Splashed with little pieces of advice like, “Be fucking bold,” and, “Fucking risk everything,” it’s the perfect way to start conquering the day. Now get to fucking work. Love your fucking job. Seek fucking criticism. Change your fucking routine. Carve your own fucking path. Make a fucking difference. Learn to fucking improvise. Be fucking bold. Get up fucking early. Fucking risk everything. Fail, fail, and fucking fail again.

<![CDATA[Mason Shaker]]> Mason Shaker

Mason Shaker


Crafting your own cocktails requires a few essentials. None are as necessary as your own shaker, however. But why buy that same stainless steel shaker that all your buddies have? Why not get something a tad more unique and far more awesome? The Mason Shaker takes everyone's favorite glass jar and turns into a cocktail shaker. See, they're not just for moonshine.

<![CDATA[Camera Lens Mug]]> Camera Lens Mug

Camera Lens Mug


Photography is like surfing, there’s a lot of waiting between the action. While trying to ride some waves, at least your down time is occupied by strenuous paddling, while awaiting the perfect shot, you’re just plain sitting there. That kind of fortitude requires assistance, and we usually turn to a cup of Brazilian Roast to get us through. What better way to consume said morning brew than in this Into Focus Mug. It will get your mind back into focus while trying to tackle your daily office tasks or daylong photo shoot in the Sahara. The mug comes with a lid to keep your coffee warm while you’re not consuming it and is dishwasher safe. Drink up and clear the blurriness from your brain. Details 10.25 oz. Ceramic Dishwasher safe Includes rubber "lens cap" top

<![CDATA[Brass Key Bottle Opener + Corkscrew]]> Brass Key Bottle Opener + Corkscrew

Brass Key Bottle Opener + Corkscrew


If the way to man's heart is truly through his stomach, you should send libations along with the food. It doesn't matter if he's into vino or beer, this antique key will help unlock something delicious. Unassuming enough at first, one end of the key pops off to reveal a corkscrew for wine and the other end rids your beer of that pesky pop top. Plus it will look as good sitting on your mantle as it will on your counter.

<![CDATA[Hobo Eat Kit]]> Hobo Eat Kit

Hobo Eat Kit


Call it the Swiss Army knife of the dinner table or Voltron of the flatware world because regardless of how you look at it, the Hobo Eat Kit is going to revolutionize how you dine on the run. It’s for all those times when that cheap plastic shit fails you (always) or you're without flatware (camping/picnics/etc) and eating with your fingers isn’t an option. The knife, fork and spoon all fold into one convenient package, but they also separate into component parts in case you need to stab and cut or scoop and skewer simultaneously. Even if you're dressed like a hobo you gotta eat, right? Details .35 lbs Lockback knife 420J2 stainless steel blade measures 3” Includes nylon sheath