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The 1911 Rubber Band Gun


The 1911 helped our GI’s kick ass through Europe during World War II, and these classic firearms have followed them all the way into the present day. And now you can kick ass up and down your office with the Model 1911 Rubber Band Gun, a realistic replica of what many know to be the world’s most best pistol. The semi- automatic rubber band gun can fire six bands from its beautiful maple frame, reloads faster than any gun on the market, and even includes separate maple grips. Made from solid maple and walnut, no plastic Fires 6 rubber bands Made in the USA 100 bands included

<![CDATA[PPK Rubber Band Gun]]> PPK Rubber Band Gun

PPK Rubber Band Gun


If you're looking to change up your office warfare game--or you just want to get down with your inner spy--you won't find anything cooler than this PPK Rubber Band Gun. Modeled after the gun that Connery made famous in Dr. No and crafted from solid wood, the PPK Rubber Band Gun can quickly shoot five bands up to 20 feet to dispatch pesky interns, annoying desk tchotkes and dart gun wielding co-workers. It's also far easier to camouflage than your standard office weapon and can be reloaded with office supplies. Solid hard maple wood Walnut grips Shoots up to 20' 50 bands included Made in the USA

<![CDATA[Jack Puzzle]]> Jack Puzzle

Jack Puzzle


Exactingly milled by a skilled machinist in Rhode Island, each one pound Jack Puzzle is composed of six interlocking pieces of solid cartridge brass that, when assembled, measure 3" x 3" x 3". Part confounding sculpture, desk object, distraction and paperweight, each Jack Puzzle is as interesting to look at as it is fun to play with. And yes, assembly instructions are included just in case. Good luck. Solid Cartridge Brass Bull-nose ends, lathe cut Made in the USA

<![CDATA[Solid Brass Top]]> Solid Brass Top

Solid Brass Top


This Brass EDC Top from J.L. Lawson & Co. is a Cool Material exclusive. Like the original, it’s hand-turned from a solid bar of brass and is able to spin anywhere from 5-7 minutes*. It does, however, have a slightly unique design compared to the original. Unlike other cheap tops, this could be considered an heirloom toy, your totem, and something you can pass down for generations. Since they’re machined by hand, slight variations may occur, and each will age with time making yours truly unique. *To get a spin that lasts 5-7 minutes you’ll need the right surface and plenty of practice. While you may not achieve that long of a spin, the Brass EDC Top will spin longer than almost any top you’ve ever played with. Details Made in the USA Hand-turned from solid brass Able to spin for up to 7 minutes

<![CDATA[Cool Material Gift Card]]> Cool Material Gift Card

Cool Material Gift Card

$15.00 - $200.00

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Cool Material Gift Card. Cool Material Gift Cards do not expire. Directions:1. Order a gift card of your desired amount.2. Upon completing your order, you'll receive your Gift Card via email.3. Use this email to forward the Gift Card to a recipient of your choice (or) use the provided secure URL to share, print and check the updated balance of the Gift Card. Only valid on items found in the Cool Material Shop.

<![CDATA[Spy Deck Cards]]> Spy Deck Cards

Spy Deck Cards


The perfect deck of cards for all aspiring Jason Bourne’s, The Spy Deck will get you prepped for any covert op you happen to be planning. The 52-card deck features spy tactics, terms and tips on ciphering and deciphering codes. If you happen to be playing with some enemy poker players, we suggest holding on to the 9 of Clubs (it will help you survive being poisoned).

<![CDATA[Gentleman's Deck Cards]]> Gentleman's Deck Cards

Gentleman's Deck Cards


From remembering what gift you’re supposed to give on a specific anniversary to caring for a quality suit, there’s a lot that goes into being a modern-day gentleman. Luckily, you can learn the tricks of the trade at your next poker night with The Gentleman’s Deck. Pour yourself some nice Scotch, light your wooden pipe and get a lesson while you study your hand. Details Printed on 350gsm matte-finished cardstock Enclosed in a black-foil stamped chipbox