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Key Cable


You could carry around a knotted mess of a charging cable everywhere you went to juice your phone in a pinch, but that’s more than a little annoying. A far better idea is the Key Cable. The monkey’s fist keychain boasts concealed connectors that give you access to any USB power outlet. It’s short enough to keep in your pocket, but it’s long enough to let you to use your phone while it charges. On top of that, it just happens to be a good-looking way to carry your keys. Now a quick charge isn’t a nuisance. Apple Lightning Connector

<![CDATA[Leather Cord Wraps]]> Leather Cord Wraps

Leather Cord Wraps


Crafted from premium soft leather, the Cordito Leather Cord Wrap by This Is Ground is the perfect way to pay some attention to all your cords and cables when you’re on the go. It holds three cables and two plugs and has a button-sealed pouch for other random accessories. Perfect for not having your cords end up in a tangled pile at the bottom of your weekender when you’re traveling. Each is handmade in Los Angeles. Details Holds 3 cables & 2 plugs Premium soft leather Handmade in the USA 5.5” x 2” (wrapped) 12.25” x 5.5” (unwrapped) Holds 3 cables & 2 plugs

<![CDATA[Leather Sidekick Cord Wrap]]> Leather Sidekick Cord Wrap

Leather Sidekick Cord Wrap


Reaching into our work bag or carry-on for a power cord usually results in us pulling out a tangled mess that looks like some Christmas lights we didn’t feel like dealing with after the holidays. The Leather Sidekick Cord Wrap is an aesthetically pleasing way to prevent a giant cord knot. It features three slots for cords or earphones, and a large pouch for adapters or other items. Each is handmade in Salt Lake City, Utah using top grain cowhide. Details Handmade in the USA Top Grain Cowhide 6” x 14.75” open 3” x 6” rolled 3 cord slots, 1 adapter pouch