Cool Material Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/shopdesc.liquid Cool Material en-us Copyright 2018 Cool Material <![CDATA[Black Dragon 37g Knife]]> Black Dragon 37g Knife

Black Dragon 37g Knife


A pocket knife doesn’t have to look like the red and white Swiss Army knife you grew up using. In fact, if you want your pocket folder to stand out from the crowd, we can think of no better option than this blade. With a motif borrowed from ancient Japanese art, the Black Dragon Knife is unlike any pocket knife we’ve ever come across. Factor in its sleek black titanium coating and solid ebony wood handle, and you have one gorgeously unique piece for your everyday carry. Performance is there, too. The knife is incredibly lightweight yet durable thanks to its 420 stainless steel build. It will make quick work of tasks just like the creature tattooed on its blade. 420 Stainless Steel 4.3" Closed 8" Open 1.3 oz. Belt Clip Liner Lock

<![CDATA[Astro 37G Knife]]> Astro 37G Knife

Astro 37G Knife


A pocket knife doesn’t have to look like the red and white Swiss Army knife you grew up using. In fact, if you want your pocket folder to stand out from the crowd, we can think of no better option than this blade. With an otherworldly design, the Astro Knife is unlike any pocket knife we’ve ever come across. Factor in its sleek black titanium coating and solid coralwood handle, and you have one gorgeously unique piece for your everyday carry. Performance is there, too. The knife is incredibly lightweight yet durable thanks to its 420 stainless steel build. 420 Stainless Steel 4.3" Closed 8" Open 1.3 oz. Belt Clip Liner Lock

<![CDATA[Water Bottle Roller]]> Water Bottle Roller

Water Bottle Roller


Hydration isn’t the only recommended post-workout move. Using a foam roller to give yourself a deep-tissue massage can improve mobility and speed up the recovery process after you’ve pushed your body to the limits. Kill two birds with one stone courtesy of the Water Bottle Roller, a 25-ounce water bottle clad in a high-density foam sleeve that allows it to function as a roller for those sore muscles. Plus, the insulated double-walled bottle keeps your drink cold even in warm, sweaty gyms. Hydrate, roll, and repeat your way to better health and mobility. 25 oz. Removable Foam Sleeve

<![CDATA[The Halifax]]> The Halifax

The Halifax


What’s better than carrying around a toolbox 24/7? Making The Halifax part of your everyday carry. The small, attractive device packs a screwdriver that works for both flathead and Phillips head screws, a bottle opener, and a pry bar. The body is machined from a single block of incredibly strong 6AL-4V titanium to ensure a lifetime of dependability. The strong build also allows you to use the pry bar edge as a scraper to clean dirty gear without fear of messing up The Halifax itself. The 416 stainless steel thumb stud bottle opener even lets you crack a few cold ones after the hard work is done. Far from cumbersomCool Material and extremely refined, The Halifax is the pint-sized multi-tool you never knew you needed. CNC Machined 6AL-4V Titanium 416 Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Black Cerakote Coating  2 ⅞” x ⅝” Ulu Lanyard Not Included 

<![CDATA[The Mehlville Carabiner]]> The Mehlville Carabiner

The Mehlville Carabiner


For climbing purposes, the carabiner is perfect. It does a job and it does it well. When it comes to carrying your keys, however, the carabiner could use a little retooling—and that’s just what happened here. The Mehlville is a carabiner redesigned for your everyday carry. The dual compartment design means your keys are stored securely and never at risk of slipping off without you noticing. There’s even a thumb stud bottle opener so you can crack a few cold ones without adding an opener to the mess of keys you need to carry around. Each is machined from a solid block of aluminum and finished with stainless steel details. It’s not going to break; it’s not going to let you lose your keys; and it will look great in the process. Anodized 6063 Aluminum CNC Machined 3 ⅛” x 1 ⅝” Spring-Loaded Latch 

<![CDATA[The Ulu Bead]]> The Ulu Bead

The Ulu Bead


Whatever happened to beautiful simplicity? If something worked, it worked, and it didn’t need additional features added on. That’s why we dig The Ulu. It’s simple, well made, and does its job perfectly. That job? To keep some of your EDC organized and accessible, whether that be a pocket knife with a lanyard hole or a few keys. The 304 stainless steel bead slides up and down the 12” nylon paracord to keep your gear secure. Not only does it bring some personality to whatever you connect to it, but it allows for quick grab and go and addictive finger twirling. No frills. No over-the-top design. It’s just a well-made accessory for your everyday carry. 304 Stainless Steel Bead 12" Nylon Paracord CNC Machined

<![CDATA[Stanley Master Flask]]> Stanley Master Flask

Stanley Master Flask


Stanley is a brand that needs no introduction. The label’s no-frills gear has been trusted on more excursions and around more campsites than we can imagine. With the Master Series, Stanley has taken the superior craftsmanship its known for and blended it with a more polished aesthetic. That’s perfectly visible in the Master Flask, an 8 oz. hooch-hauler made of cold-rolled steel and finished with an attractive black powdercoat. The tool-styled cap boasts internal threads to keep this flask from ever leaking, meaning you never have to worry about dousing your jacket pocket with bourbon. When you return home, simply toss it in the dishwasher to clean it. This flask is built to last a lifetime, so expect to enjoy a few sips of the good stuff out of it at your grandchild’s wedding. 8 oz. 3.62" x 1.38" x 5.04" Leak Proof Dishwasher Safe 1.0 mm 18/8 Stainless Steel...

<![CDATA[Trail Cutlery]]> Trail Cutlery

Trail Cutlery


When backpacking, every ounce in your bag matters. This Trail Cutlery set allows you to carry the proper tools for enjoying a mid-hike meal without adding much to your load. That’s because this set is crafted from hard-anodized aluminum and each utensil feels exceedingly light in your hand. It’s like cutting your food with a couple feathers. They’re also extremely durable so they can stand up to the challenges of the great outdoors. Pick up a set and chow down without being weighed down. Hard-Anodized Aluminum 1.6 oz. 6.9" x 0.8" x 1.6" 

<![CDATA[Survival Whetstone Mirror]]> Survival Whetstone Mirror

Survival Whetstone Mirror


This pocket-sized tool can assist in a variety of ways when you’re exploring remote parts of the planet. One side is a whetstone, meaning you can use it to sharpen your knives and tools so they function properly when you need them most. On the flipside, you’ll find other functions any survivalist would be happy to have access to. You can use it as a signalling mirror, compass, sundial, and ruler. At less than 4” in length, the Survival Whetstone Mirror is an easy addition to any camping pack, and it’s trim enough to slip into a pocket when you go out wandering without a bag. Siliceo-Ferrica 3.93" x 0.9" 2.9 oz. Grain Sharpens Hard Steels Includes: 10cm Ruler, Signalling Mirror, Compass, and Sundail

<![CDATA[Dakota Survival Card]]> Dakota Survival Card

Dakota Survival Card


We’re all for keeping a multi-tool on us 24/7, but the truth is that having a bulky chunk of metal on our belt is cumbersome and does little for our style. For a sleeker approach there’s the Dakota Survival Card, a slim, credit card-sized device that packs 13 different tools. There’s a can opener, blade, two flat screwdrivers, a ruler, bottle opener, four position wrench, saw, rope cutter, and nylon rope, all packed inside the slick black stainless steel body. The entire thing slips easily into the included black nylon sheath for easy transport. It sure beats carrying a toolbox everywhere you go. Black Stainless Steel Black Nylon Sheath Included Functions: Can Opener, Blade, Two Sizes of Flat Screwdrivers, Ruler, Bottle Opener, Four Position Wrench, Saw, Rope Cutter, Rope

<![CDATA[Sipadan Diving Knife]]> Sipadan Diving Knife

Sipadan Diving Knife


Any diver worth his salt water knows the importance of a trusty blade. But underwater is no place for a pocket folder or something crazy pointy. That’s why there’s the Sipadan Diving Knife, a 420 stainless steel blade with a blunt tip to avoid puncturing gear. One side of the blade is serrated and the other is hollow ground, meaning the Sipadan can handle a multitude of materials. A cross guard provides a bit of security for divers while they use the knife, and a sheath crafted from harness webbing provides security while it isn’t in use. The two orange bungee cords allow divers to secure the sheath to their arm or BCD gear. Of course, the blade works equally well on land, so if you don’t own SCUBA gear you can still reap the benefits of owning one. 420 Stainless Steel 4.2 oz.  7.2" x 1.8" Includes Sheath and...

<![CDATA[Grand Canyon Candle]]> Grand Canyon Candle

Grand Canyon Candle


Bring the great outdoors indoors with the Grand Canyon Candle. Made in small batches in Seattle, Washington, the Grand Canyon Candle brings to mind layers of red rock and breathtaking views. You’ll pick up notes of cedarwood, labdanum, and charred pine when you light the wick, allowing you to take an olfactory trip to Arizona whenever you want. Each candle is 100% vegan, eco-friendly, and recyclable. Light one in your home and try to imagine the view. 3.5" x 4" 8 oz Burn Time: 80+ Hours Made in the USA 100% Vegan, Eco-Friendly, and Recyclable Ethically Sourced and Produced 

<![CDATA[Chow Pal]]> Chow Pal

Chow Pal


We almost always forget something at home when we go camping. Sometimes it’s a set of utensils and others it’s a screwdriver, bottle opener, or, embarrassingly enough, a knife. The ChowPal is the do-everything camping buddy that you can leave in your bag so you remain prepared for a slew of tasks. The ChowPal includes a spoon, folding knife, fork, flathead screwdriver, wrench, bottle opener, and can opener, and it slips neatly into the included nylon storage bag. Built from 420J2 stainless steel, the ChowPal slides together for convenient transport and sits ready to tackle everything from capped beer bottles to a can of baked beans. 420J2 Stainless Steel Overall Length: 6.5” Blade Length: 2.5” 2.4 oz Includes Nylon Storage Pouch

<![CDATA[Muncher]]> Muncher



If you’ve ever found yourself needing to eat soup, slice bread, open a beer, pry open a can, screw in a flathead, cut cord, and start a fire all at the same time, then we may have found your solution. The Muncher is a multi-utensil. Each is made of aerospace grade titanium, making it lightweight and durable while also avoiding soiling any food you’re making with metallic tastes. It boasts 10 separate tools, including your three standard eating utensils, a can opener, a bottle opener, a box cutter, a flathead screwdriver, and a fire-starter. Basically, it means you can go camping one-handed. Functions: Spork, Serrated Butter Knife, Can Opener, Bottle Opener, Peeler, Fire Starter, Cord Cutter, Pry-Bar, Box Cutter, Flathead Screwdriver 6.5" Aerospace Grade Titanium Hypalon Pouch with Carabiner Included

<![CDATA[No. 6 Field knife]]> No. 6 Field knife

No. 6 Field knife


A trusty pocket knife is great for a whole slew of random tasks, but it’s not the tool to rely on in the great outdoors. What you need is something bigger and badder. What you need is the No. 6 Field Knife. This burly blade is made from high-carbon steel and mated to a durable walnut handle. A full tang serves as reinforcement, making the No. 6 Field Knife exceedingly strong and dependable. It can clean branches, cut thick rope, and even assist while foraging for food—unlike the pocket folder you turn to for the day-to-day. Clever appointments include an inlaid copper lanyard ring and a waxed canvas sheath with belt clip for safe carry. If you’re roughing it, don’t make things harder on yourself by trusting an inferior blade. Get the No.6 Field Knife and make quick work of nature’s challenges. 6” High-Carbon Steel Blade Thumb Depress for Comfortable...

<![CDATA[Die Mosquitoes Candle]]> Die Mosquitoes Candle

Die Mosquitoes Candle


You’re gathered with some friends around a table in your backyard. It’s summertime. You have a cold drink in one hand a burger hot off the grill in the other. Life is good. Then, as always, mosquitoes swoop in and put an end to your idyllic afternoon. You know what? Screw those bastards. Keep mosquitoes away and share your true feelings for them with the Die Mosquitoes Candle. This citronella candle burns for over 80 hours and helps keep your barbecues going long into the evening. This is no time for pleasantries. Grab the Die Mosquitoes Candle and remain prepared for battle. 100% Soy Wax Burn Tim: 80+ Hours Handmade in New Jersey

<![CDATA[P-38 Can Opener]]> P-38 Can Opener

P-38 Can Opener


The P-38 Can Opener—also known as a “John Wayne”—is a small, incredibly useful device with military roots. First developed in 1942 and distributed to United States Armed Forces during WWII, the tool served as a way for soldiers to open canned rations. It’s simple to use. The notch on the handle goes over the lip of the can and the tooth-like blade pierces the top. Twist it back and forth to work your way around. But the P-38 did not become famous just for opening meals. It became famous because it has a ton of uses that make it a powerful sidekick. The handle can serve as a flathead screwdriver. You can use the sharp edge to cut fishing line, boxes, and letters. It can remove splinters, open paint cans, and even strip wire. It’s an entire survival kit in a miniscule package. Take it with you by slipping a...

<![CDATA[The Great Outdoors: A Users Guide]]> The Great Outdoors: A Users Guide

The Great Outdoors: A Users Guide


It was Benjamin Franklin who said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Lack of preparation can be bad in a lot of arenas; in the wild, it could be deadly. May we suggest that, before your next expedition, you flip through and study The Great Outdoors: A User’s Guide. Brendan Leonard’s well-received book offers 400 strategies for dealing with the challenges Mother Nature presents, from climbing a mountain to driving on sand. Bound in a completely unique waterproof PVC cover, this is a guidebook that can accompany you on your adventures. Each of the entries is short and easy to digest so that the information stays with you. Adventure is calling; let this book be your guide. 320 Pages Waterproof PVC Cover

<![CDATA[U.S. Army Survival Field Manual]]> U.S. Army Survival Field Manual

U.S. Army Survival Field Manual


Meet the book that will keep you alive. The U.S. Army Survival Field Manual is a 288-page paperback that is filled with important, easy-to-digest information on making it in the wild, whether that be the arctic, a vast desert, the forest, or the tropics. Identify poisonous snakes. Determine which plants are edible. Craft wilderness medicine. Things are explained clearly and with illustrations so you can put your newfound knowledge to use. Issued in the 1970s, the tips are just as valuable today as they were decades ago. This Army-issued, GSA compliant field manual can be kept in your bunker or tossed in with your gear when you go exploring, leaving you with peace of mind should anything happen. Fashion some tools. Set some traps. Get a fire going and know you’ll be just fine. Official Military Survival Manual 288 Pages GSA Compliant 5.5"x 8.5"

<![CDATA[Tactical Credit Card Axe]]> Tactical Credit Card Axe

Tactical Credit Card Axe


We can guarantee you this, if you try to chop wood with your Visa, you’re in for a rough time. The Tactical Credit Card Ax is a credit card-sized tool that does far more than anything else in your wallet. With over 20 functions, it’s ready to assist at a campsite, in the yard, or in the garage when you’re getting your hands dirty. The first and most obvious use, as the name indicates, is as an ax. Simply attach it to handle with zip-ties, rope, or wire and you can use the Tactical Credit Card Ax to chop. But this isn’t a one-trick pony. The Tactical Credit Card Ax also packs a seatbelt cutter, water valve wrench, gas valve wrench, nail puller, sockets, screwdriver, and more. Made in the USA from rough and tough 12 gauge 304 stainless steel, the Tactical Credit Card Ax puts your other lazy cards...

<![CDATA[Mini Mess Box]]> Mini Mess Box

Mini Mess Box


Whether for small camping gear, loose screws and nails, or survival essentials, the Mini Mess Box is a simple storage vessel with throwback charm. The aluminum tin is held together with two locking clasps that roll into place. As you might have guessed from the name, the Mini Mess Box can even double as a cooking pot in a pinch, so it’s the perfect camping companion. It’s small (5” x 3.5” x 1”), lightweight (4 oz), and incredibly durable, so it’s far from cumbersome and built for the rigors of travel. 5” x 3.5” x 1” Aluminum 4 oz

<![CDATA[Ultimate Survival Kit]]> Ultimate Survival Kit

Ultimate Survival Kit


Packed inside a container that looks plucked from a doomsday bunker, the Ultimate Survival Kit is truly peace of mind in a tin. Loaded with over 20 items that could mean the difference between life and death, it would be foolish to go it alone. Keep the Ultimate Survival Kit in your camping bag or in your glove box and you’ll always be prepared should disaster strike. This kit will satisfy the prepper in you, as it includes everything from a night light to salt sachets and water tablets, and offers a bevy of items that each have dozens of uses. You may never have to use it, but should a time come when you do, you’ll be happy you nestled one away for worst-case scenarios. Includes: Water bag, nylon cord, night light, flint and striker, compass, fishing kit, mini multi-purpose tool, book of matches, sewing kit, water tablets, safety...

<![CDATA[The Tech Hoodie]]> The Tech Hoodie

The Tech Hoodie


Wear a hoodie in a downpour and you’ll feel like you dressed yourself in a damp sponge. That is, unless you’re wearing The Tech Hoodie. The Tech Hoodie boasts a waterproof fabric that fends off the elements and keeps you dry regardless of what Mother Nature has in store. Toss it on and you won’t have to carry around a heavy rain jacket or a cumbersome umbrella. But that kind of protection doesn’t mean a hard shell coating that weighs down the entire sweatshirt. The Tech Hoodie is made with a micro-pore, waterproof membrane so it stays light and agile. Whether you’re going camping, hiking, or just stepping out your front door on a day with a few clouds, The Tech Hoodie ensures you’re prepared for inclement weather—no jacket required. 10k Waterproof Membrane DWR Brush Resistant Face Fabric Dual Kangaroo Pocket with Enclosing Zipper Invisible Side Vents Thumb Holes Phone...

<![CDATA[Gerber Pocket Square Knife]]> Gerber Pocket Square Knife

Gerber Pocket Square Knife


A pocket square is a touch of old school class. It’s an element that casually lets people know you’re a gentleman. This knife from Gerber borrows its name from the humble pocket square because it too is sharp and dressy. Eschewing superfluous design elements for a sleek, clean appearance, the Gerber Pocket Square Knife is refined and mature. The machined aluminum handle is paired with a 3” drop point blade and an ambidextrous thumb lift for one stunning folder. If James Bond relied on a pocket knife, this would be it. Machined Aluminum Handle Blade Length: 3” Open: 6 ¾” Liner Lock Removable & Reversible Pocket Clip

<![CDATA[Beast 28 Backpack]]> Beast 28 Backpack

Beast 28 Backpack


Packing a backpack reminds us of George Carlin’s joke about throwing away a trash can. Funny? Sure. But, since there’s always truth in comedy, sometimes you do need to do it. If you’ve every tried to pack a backpack you know how challenging it can be. They’re not meant to be rolled, folded, or stashed. They do the stashing. Well the Beast28 Technical Backpack is not your average backpack. At just 20 oz., the Beast28 rolls up and fits inside the included travel cinch bag. When it unfurls, it has a 28L capacity, making it ideal for taking on hikes and brief adventures. Built from PU coated ripstop nylon, the bag is also insanely durable. Outfitted with gear loops, an external stash pocket, daisy chain for added storage, routing for a hydration hose, and other niceties, the Beast28 Backpack is far from your basic bag. Drop it in your suitcase...

<![CDATA[GoBites Eat Kit]]> GoBites Eat Kit

GoBites Eat Kit


Whether in the breakroom or in front of a campfire, eating most food items with your hands is a no-no. Since you’re a civilized human being, you need a set of utensils to down most meals, lest you look like you think you’re dining in Medieval Times 24/7. May we suggest the GoBites Eat Kit. Not only do the utensils look good in their gun metal gray color, but you get more than the standard knife, fork, and spoon. Yes, you get those, but you also get a bottle opener and a toothpick, which means this is the handiest traveling mess kit we’ve come across. Made from extremely durable nylon, these tools are BPA-free, PC-free, and phthalate-free and can be tossed in the dishwasher after use. Plus, since the knife is, you know, actually sharp, you can use this kit for just about anything you’re eating. Includes: Knife (with Bottle...

<![CDATA[Firebiner]]> Firebiner



Years ago, the carabiner morphed from a tool simply trusted by climbers into a useful accessory for the everyman. It became a way to store keys and small tools while out and about. Now the carabiner has taken the next step in its evolution. The Firebiner is a survival EDC carabiner, meaning it can do more than attach your keys to your belt loop. Packed with a screwdriver tip, bottle opener, inset utility blade, and patent-pending Spark Wheel, the Firebiner can fix a loose screw, open some refreshments, cut some twine, and get your campfire going, all while still serving as a method of carrying your keys. If you’re going to use a carabiner anyway, why wouldn’t you want one that can also start a fire, pop your beers, and assist in random chores? 1 oz. 5.75” x 3” 0.25” Stainless steel safety blade, bottle opener, screwdriver tip, Spark Wheel,...

<![CDATA[Tactical Spork]]> Tactical Spork

Tactical Spork


The spork, while incredibly useful, is probably the least “badass” of all eating utensils. The name alone is met with a chuckle. Well, no more. Meet the Tactical Spork. The Tactical Spork is no mere spork. Yes, it offers the spoon/fork hybrid design that makes it appropriate for consuming a variety of campsite meals, but it also hides a serrated knife in the handle. Whether you use that knife to slice the food you’re about to eat, to cut items around the campgrounds, or as a survival tool, you’ll be happy it’s stored conveniently in the body of something you’d take camping anyway. Made in the USA out of materials safe for food, the Tactical Spork puts the average spork to shame. Made in the USA 6.875” overall 2.5” blade 0.1 lbs

<![CDATA[Matador Pocket Blanket]]> Matador Pocket Blanket

Matador Pocket Blanket


A blanket is one of those items you don’t think about until the moment you need it. Problem is, carrying one around 24/7 is ridiculous, and keeping one in your trunk only helps occasionally. The Pocket Blanket is the solution. Whether camping, picnicking, or hitting the beach, the Pocket Blanket can slip right in the front pocket of your pants or in the front pouch of your bag so it isn’t a nuisance to bring along. And while portability is the name of the game, the Pocket Blanket also happens to be far better than full blanket you were going to tuck under your arm. How? Well, the Pocket Blanket is water resistant in case your outing encounters a downpour. It’s built with weighted corners so it won’t flap in the breeze. It even offers integrated corner stakes for times when that breeze becomes a hurricane. Ditch the flannel number...

<![CDATA[Trench Lighter]]> Trench Lighter

Trench Lighter


The trench lighter was a military innovation originally crafted from a spent bullet casing and pieces of metal in the early 1900s. Soldiers in the First World War would carry the lighters wherever the fight took them. This Trench Lighter is modeled after those iconic pieces. Simply slide up the flame protector so you can light it and slide it back down to snuff out the flame. You can even use the Trench Lighter when the wind is whipping, like it could in a trench. The keyring loop on the backend is attached to a screw cap that secures the lighter fluid. Consider it a bit of military history for your EDC. Brass  Requires lighter fluid 3” x ¾” 2.4 oz.

<![CDATA[Travel Pack Gray]]> Travel Pack Gray

Travel Pack Gray


When you have an overnight visit somewhere or a weekend trip, you usually turn to some version of the classic duffel bag. Nothing wrong with that, but lugging that thing around can get tiresome. Aer has taken everything you love about a weekender and turned it into a backpack. The Travel Pack is a carry-on backpack with dedicated compartments for all your travel essentials. A large main compartment along with the suitcase-like design allow you to pack a few pairs of clothes and other travel necessities. A separate shoe compartment keeps dirty soles from wrecking your gear. A padded laptop sleeve handles your computer and a tech pouch with plenty of pockets can handle your cables, camera, pens, and paperwork. Now you can fly through airports, navigate tight aisles, and conquer city streets with both hands free. 21.5” x 13.5” x 8.5” Volume 33L 900D heathered polyester exterior Quick-access, suspended...

<![CDATA[Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack (Black)]]> Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack (Black)

Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack (Black)


Throwing on a backpack means voluntarily giving up the ability to keep an eye on your possessions. That’s fine most of the time, but in a crowded space or major city it can be an invitation for pickpockets. And we hate to break the news, but there are some 400,000 pickpocket incidents around the world every day. The Anti-Theft Backpack offers stylish peace of mind. Besides looking clean and modern, the Anti-Theft Backpack offers three key safety features. First, it sports a hidden zipper to the main compartment that’s completely concealed in the back of the bag. It also offers two hidden side pockets, meaning no thief could easily access your belongings. Second, it’s built from cut-proof material so a knife or blade can’t easily slash it open. Finally, the illuminant bar allows for safe night travel. These are all reasons the Anti-Theft Backpack is the safest backpack around, but...

<![CDATA[Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack (Gray)]]> Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack (Gray)

Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack (Gray)


Throwing on a backpack means voluntarily giving up the ability to keep an eye on your possessions. That’s fine most of the time, but in a crowded space or major city it can be an invitation for pickpockets. And we hate to break the news, but there are some 400,000 pickpocket incidents around the world every day. The Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack offers stylish peace of mind. Besides looking clean and modern, the Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack offers three key safety features. First, it sports a hidden zipper to the main compartment that’s completely concealed in the back of the bag. It also offers two hidden side pockets, meaning no thief could easily access your belongings. Second, it’s built from cut-proof material so a knife or blade can’t easily slash it open. Finally, the illuminant bar allows for safe night travel. These are all reasons the Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack is the safest...

<![CDATA[Pocket Horn Whistle]]> Pocket Horn Whistle

Pocket Horn Whistle


Exploring wouldn’t be exploring if there weren’t some inherent risk. That said, risk shouldn’t give way to calamity, which is why any avid adventurer knows a whistle can turn into a very valuable tool. For SOS situations to locating a member of your party, a whistle is a simple, effective signal. This Pocket Horn Whistle also happens to just look sharper than something a ref might carry. Crafted from actual horn, each Pocket Horn Whistle is unique. Finished with a knob handle for use, the pint-sized whistle is an easy to transport, good-looking safety device that won’t make you look like you’re late for your kid’s soccer match. 2" Made from real horn

<![CDATA[Apothecary Match Bottle]]> Apothecary Match Bottle

Apothecary Match Bottle


Old apothecary bottles possess a certain vintage charm. That said, we’re not ones for putting pills on display throughout our home for obvious reasons. That’s why we’re fans of this Apothecary Match Bottle, which brings some old school vibes to a useful household item. With a clever strike-on-bottle design, you don’t have to worry about keeping an extra matchbook with your matches just to use them. Each is made in the USA and is capable of holding 60 matches (included). Perfect for a display shelf, coffee table, or bathroom, the Apothecary Match Bottle is an attractive way to keep some matches on hand. Holds 60, 4” matches (included) Strike on bottle 5 ¼” x 2” Made in the USA

<![CDATA[The Ultimate Tool]]> The Ultimate Tool

The Ultimate Tool


A multi-tool doesn't have to be the classic pliers, screwdriver, corkscrew combo that immediately comes to mind when you hear the phrase. The Ultimate Tool is a multi-tool for a whole other set of tasks—ones where a standard multi-tool would fall short. With a razor-sharp straight blade and a rugged serrated blade, you can use The Ultimate Tool to cut through rope, branches, and more challenging materials. This is not a dinky pocket knife. Combine those blades with the flat pommel base, which is ideal for hammering things like tent stakes, and you have a tool that’s campsite-ready. On top of all of that, The Ultimate Tool can act as a spade and offers handy inch marks to make planting depth easy to measure. There’s even a bottle opener so you can crack a cold one when your work is done. Whether you use it for planting spuds, making swift...

<![CDATA[Barebones Beacon Lantern]]> Barebones Beacon Lantern

Barebones Beacon Lantern


The carabiner, which was once simply a climber’s most-trusted accessory, has become a staple everyday carry item for guys looking for an easy and sturdy way to attach their keys to their bags or belts. With the Barebones Beacon, the carabiner is turned to again, this time as a clever way to attach a light to any poorly lit space. Work areas. Campsites. Sheds. That little space in your basement that’s just a bit creepy and you don’t like admitting it. The dimmable Barebones Beacon easily clamps to what’s overhead with the attached carabiner, but can also stand upright on the sturdy base when the carabiner is folded down. The rechargeable battery lasts for over 200 hours on low and 3 hours on high, and the Barebones Beacon comes with a 30-inch cord so you can juice it when it’s out of power. And don’t worry, the Barebones Beacon features...

<![CDATA[Forest Lantern]]> Forest Lantern

Forest Lantern


There’s something about a lantern that makes us think of gathering wood before dawn to light a fire and read a sun-faded paperback by it with our morning coffee. Okay, maybe it’s just us. What we’re trying to say is, we love the look and vibe of an old-school lantern. The Forest Lantern offers something even better: Those old-school looks with plenty of new-school smarts. That’s because the Forest Lantern packs a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will produce light for four hours on high or up to 80 hours on low. It will never be hot to the touch and it can even charge your phone or tablet thanks to the USB port. And like we said, all that clever tech is enclosed in a package that looks ripped from the history books. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 325 lumen output 4-80+ hours, depending on setting USB port for charging electronics 6”...

<![CDATA[Solid Brass Fire Kit]]> Solid Brass Fire Kit

Solid Brass Fire Kit


It was way back in 2013 when Fort Standard built an all brass fire kit concept. That concept was known as “Life Is Precious,” and it was a marriage of functionality and beautiful design that was met with overwhelming fanfare. That fanfare encouraged the brand to make an actual, purchasable kit so people could do more than stare at it on a computer screen. This is that kit. The Solid Brass Fire Kit, as the name suggests, is machined from a solid bar of brass. Inside the fireproof canister is a collection of strike-anywhere matches, ready to assist in the most dire circumstances. The brass cylinder is engraved with “Fire - Light & Warmth - Strike on Bottom,” which is exactly what you should do when you need to spark a fire, as the undercarriage of the canister is outfitted with a knurled striking pad. Hey, no one said survival...

<![CDATA[Porter Key Knife]]> Porter Key Knife

Porter Key Knife


Built with 3CR13 surgical stainless and designed to do double duty as a knife and bottle opener while still looking like a standard key, the Porter Key Knife is as easy to operate as it is to carry. Featuring an easy to open drop point locking blade and a dual layer bottle opener, the Porter Key Knife is a lightweight addition to the keychain EDC for any guy that doesn't need a full multi-tool everyday. 3CR13 Stainless Steel Blade Length: 30.6mm  /  1.2” Overall Length: 64.2mm / 2.5” 1oz

<![CDATA[Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper Tweezers]]> Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper Tweezers

Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper Tweezers


These gripper tweezers have a reputation for being the best on the planet, and that’s exactly why we brought them into the shop. Another product proudly manufactured in the U.S.A., Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper Tweezers feature precision-ground points that provide pin-point grip that never fails, spring-tempered stainless steel to ensure perfect alignment, a convenient holder, and an easy-to- use design that leaves out the frills and gets to the point—literally. From the tiniest splinters to the peskiest hairs, the Sliver Gripper Tweezers from Uncle Bill’s get the job done. Period. Spring-tempered stainless steel Pin-point gripping Keychain holder Made in the USA

<![CDATA[READYMAN Hostage Escape Card]]> READYMAN Hostage Escape Card

READYMAN Hostage Escape Card


The shakers and movers of this world are men who are ready for anything. The Hostage Escape Card by READYMAN is a small, inexpensive insurance policy that’s compact enough to fit in your wallet, but useful enough to get you out of all the precarious hypotheticals you can think of. Constructed in the U.S.A. using high-grade stainless steel, the Hostage Escape Card includes a saw, a handcuff shim, and elementary lock picking kit (tension tool and rake). 12g Stainless steel Includes: saw, handcuff shim, rake & tension wrench Made in the USA

<![CDATA[Nami Small]]> Nami Small

Nami Small


At first glance, the Mcusta Small Nami may appear to be just another addition to the pile of dime-a- dozen classic folding knives. But looks can be deceiving. The Nami’s blade is laser-cut and made from VG-10 core Damascus steel, and is protected by a beautifully designed stainless steel frame lock handle. With a handle width of just .32” and an over-all length of 6.5”, the Mcusta fits easily in a front pocket. As with all Mcusta knives, the Nami is hand-assembled and finished by one of their master craftsmen. VG-10 Damascus steel 6.5" overall length 2.875" blade length Pocket clip Made in Japan

<![CDATA[Pocket Tweezers]]> Pocket Tweezers

Pocket Tweezers


Spend enough time outdoors, build enough things with your hands, or work with wood a handful of times and you’ll have your skin punctured by a fair share of splinters. They suck. While tweezers can make quick work of your prickly enemies, they’re a tad cumbersome to carry around. That’s why we recommend these Pocket Tweezers, the original folding tweezers. Made in the USA, each set collapses down into something you can slid in a pocket or keep in your bag. The slanted, hand-sharpened tips ensure your set of Pocket Tweezers can handle even the most difficult splinters or tasks. Made in the USA Closed: 2 ¾” x ⅝” x 3/16” Open: 4” x ⅝” x 3/16” .36 oz

<![CDATA[Fish Flask]]> Fish Flask

Fish Flask


Fishing is an exercise in patience. You cast a line, you sit, you wait—and that’s why you bring alcohol. For a drinking vessel appropriate for a day at sea or one perched by the water’s edge, may we recommend the Fish Flask. The 4 oz. stainless steel flask holds enough hooch to keep you warm until you reel in your catch of the day. Time to make some room in your tackle box. Stainless steel 4 oz. Twist-off cap 8.25" x 1.25" x 2.5" Hand wash only

<![CDATA[Papagayo Skinny Knife]]> Papagayo Skinny Knife

Papagayo Skinny Knife


Like the standard Papagayo Pocket Knife before it, this Skinny version eschews elaborate details and unnecessary add-ons in favor of a simple design. But while simple, it’s far from boring. The single 420 stainless steel blade is titanium-coated and holstered in a sleek, minimal handle crafted from Zebrano wood. Perhaps best of all, the Papagayo Skinny Knife clocks in at a mere 1.6 ounces, so whether you slip it in your backpack, use the included paracord to loop on your belt, or just drop it in your pocket, it won’t be noticeable. Details 420 stainless steel partially serrated blade with titanium coating Zebrano wood handle Orange paracord lanyard included 4” closed 1.6 oz

<![CDATA[Laguiole Open Spaces Knife]]> Laguiole Open Spaces Knife

Laguiole Open Spaces Knife


There’s a world of adventure out there, just make sure you’re equipped before exploring it. The Laguiole Open Spaces Knife is designed for those who run toward the wilderness. The semi-serrated blade and the folding saw are crafted to handle tough cuts other pocket knives can’t. The stainless steel blade and saw are finished with a black titanium coating for style and durability, and both get holstered inside a beautiful zebrawood handle that’s been carved to reduce the overall weight of the knife. Designed for easy one hand operation, each comes with an orange lanyard for transport and safe storage. For all the little tasks your next outdoor adventure throws at you, the Laguiole Open Spaces Knife will be ready. Details Semi-serrated knife Saw Stainless steel with black titanium coating Zebrawood handle 4” blade 3.5” saw Lanyard included

<![CDATA[Grandpa's FireFork]]> Grandpa's FireFork

Grandpa's FireFork


What’s better than roasting one marshmallow at a time? Roasting two. And what’s better than jamming that marshmallow on a stick that’s been trampled on by mud-caked boots? Just about anything. Grandpa’s FireFork is a clever little device that attaches to the end of a stick and turns it into a two-pronged cooking device. Not only does it allow you to cook two marshmallows, hot dogs, or other campfire cuisines at once, but it does so without requiring you to cut down a fresh branch. Each is made from a single stainless steel wire and doubles as a fire-poker. Details Pack of 2 Includes 2 safety caps for storage

<![CDATA[The Adventure Log]]> The Adventure Log

The Adventure Log


We weren’t meant to spend our lives behind a desk. We were born to explore, experience and share stories along the way. Whether that means backpacking through the wilderness or cafe-hopping through Paris, it’s that spirit of adventure that’s inspired our latest project. The Adventure Log is a collaboration between Word. Notebooks and Bradley Mountain, and it’s designed to help you remember all those amazing trips and expeditions in your life. Each page has callouts for the Location, Date, and Conditions of your trip, along with a spot for Companions and a large Notes section for all you want to remember. Fill out the pages during your vacations, camping trips, and other outings, and you’ll be left with a lifetime of memories. The artwork and design were done in-house at Word. Notebooks and each is made in the USA. The pocket-sized Adventure Log is designed to go with you on...

<![CDATA[Military Hudsalve]]> Military Hudsalve

Military Hudsalve


Designed in the mid-1900s for the Swedish military, this Hudsalve was created to solve a variety of problems. Since military packs have limited space, it had to do a lot of things. And it does. Not only can it be used on dry lips and skin (hands, feet, and elbows), but it can be used to condition leather boots, help heal shaving nicks, soothe dog paws, ward off mosquitoes, protect wounds, and even grease weapons. The do-everything stick only contains natural oils and can be used in extreme conditions. It’s far from a simple lip balm. Details Made in Denmark Contains Peanut Oil 23 ml Ingredients: Peanut Oil, Beeswax, Alcohol, Sorbic Acid, Vitamin E, Beef Tallow, Coconut Oil, Vanillin, Ascorbyl Palmitate/Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid

<![CDATA[The Pocket Torch]]> The Pocket Torch

The Pocket Torch


Using a disposable lighter to try and ignite firewood or get a camping stove going isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean you need a different tool for the job. With The Pocket Torch, your cheap disposable lighter transforms into powerful little torch with a flame temperature of 2,300 °F. A former Backpacker Editors’ Choice Award-Winning device, The Pocket Torch is an ingenious and affordable way to handle tasks your lighter isn’t normally equipped for. Simply pop it on your lighter, and you’ve got yourself a little blowtorch. It also happens to actually increase the lifespan of your lighter in the process. Details Accepts rectangular disposable lighters (not included); does not fit round disposable lighters, such as Bic lighters Designed for use below 5,000 ft in elevation 1.8 oz 2,300°F flame temperature 1 Lighter Included

<![CDATA[3-in-1 Hand-Warming Flashlight Phone Charger]]> 3-in-1 Hand-Warming Flashlight Phone Charger

3-in-1 Hand-Warming Flashlight Phone Charger


In an effort to conserve packing space, we like our gear to pull double-duty, and, when possible, triple-duty. Not only will this aluminum cylinder warm up in less than five minutes to keep your hands toasty, but it can also charge your phone and act as a pocket flashlight. It can stay warm for up to three hours to make winter excursions more bearable, and give your phone a little jolt or the path in front of you a little better lighting. Able to be recharged over 500 times, it’s the ultimate companion for cold months or late night expeditions. Details Hand warmer, phone charger, and flashlight Aluminum shell Warms in under 5 minutes to 104 degrees Rechargeable over 500 times

<![CDATA[Fisher Zero Gravity Pen]]> Fisher Zero Gravity Pen

Fisher Zero Gravity Pen


Most pens aren’t designed for extreme situations and less-than-optimal conditions. They leak, stop writing, and generally fall apart when conditions aren’t pristine. Not only does this pen look tough enough to handle these challenges, it actually can. The Matte Black Zero Gravity Pen can write on wet paper, in extreme heat or extreme cold, over grease, and at any angle, even upside down. Each is made in the USA and ready for any task you throw its way Details Made in the USA 5 ½” Fisher SPR4 cartridge

<![CDATA[German Military Surplus Utensil Set]]> German Military Surplus Utensil Set

German Military Surplus Utensil Set


Unless you plan on eating that can of beans next to the fire with your bare hands, you might want to consider these camping utensils for your next adventure. These German Army-issued 4-piece kits include a knife, fork, spoon, and can and bottle opener that all secure together in one handy unit. Every set is made of rugged stainless steel so the utensils won’t break at the sight of an overcooked steak. Details Includes a knife, fork, spoon, and bottle and can opener Stainless steel

<![CDATA[Higonokami Pocket Knife]]> Higonokami Pocket Knife

Higonokami Pocket Knife


The Higonokami knife was originally made in Japan starting in the late 1800s and is characterized by its lack of a locking mechanism and simple, protruding tang. The style was exceedingly popular in Japan until 1961 when blades were banned. Still, a few craftsmen carry on the tradition today. This pocket-sized version comes with either a brass or steel handle and an ultra sharp blade. The slim profile makes it comfortable in the pocket. Each blade is hand-forged with the maker’s stamp on it. Details Hand-forged Made in Japan 7" open

<![CDATA[Adventure Stainless Steel Flask]]> Adventure Stainless Steel Flask

Adventure Stainless Steel Flask


For a no-frills flask that's perfect to toss in your bag when you're out camping or exploring, turn to Stanley. The classic brand has been crafting solid, well-made food and drink gear since 1913. Their latest flask is the first in the Adventure Series which is aimed at being both essential and rugged. With more grip than its predecessors, the Adventure Series Flask is made of 18/8 stainless steel which won't rust and is naturally BPA-free. The integrated lanyard assures you will never lose your cap and the flask itself is leak-proof and fully packable. The 8 oz Stanley Adventure Series Flask is ideal for those looking for a discreet yet rugged way to grab a quick nip. 

<![CDATA[Douk-Douk Folding Knife]]> Douk-Douk Folding Knife

Douk-Douk Folding Knife


Popular in the former French colonies since 1929, and used by the Army and French Foreign Legion, Douk-Douk knives have a reputation of strength and reliability. Almost elegant in its simplicity, the French Douk-Douk Knife is a single carbon steel blade with a gunsmith blackened style folded steel handle. They make perfect pocket knives since they’re flat and lightweight and are robust enough to use as an all purpose knife. Details Spring mechanism hold blade open Hollow-ground XC70 carbon steel blade Gunsmith-style ferro-blackened folded steel handle Slim and lightweight 3 ⅛” blade Made in France

<![CDATA[Terroir Pocket Knife]]> Terroir Pocket Knife

Terroir Pocket Knife


We imagine the Terroir Pocket Knife from Baladeo is what Paul Bunyan would’ve used to pick bits of bison meat out of his incisors. This pocket knife, originally designed in Northern France, sports a solid rosewood handle, a 9 cm stainless steel blade and a ton of masculinity. The ideal knife to toss in your pocket on a daily basis, the Terroir Pocket Knife is simple but stylish. Details 3.5” blade 420 stainless steel blade Rosewood or Olive Wood handle Weighs 3.4 oz.

<![CDATA[Mercator K55K Black Cat Knife]]> Mercator K55K Black Cat Knife

Mercator K55K Black Cat Knife


Since making its way to the shores of the US, the Mercator Black Cat Knife has become a favorite of quality knife fans. It’s easy to get a super sharp blade going on this bad boy and the lockback mechanism keeps the blade in place while in use. Perfect for anyone in the market for a pocket knife without a lot of bells and whistles but a lot of historic quality. Check the video for your own history lesson on the Mercator and then grab one for yourself. Details 3.3” spear point blade The design of this knife is virtually unchanged since the original over 100 years ago Handmade in Germany Black metal handle

<![CDATA[Match Case]]> Match Case

Match Case


The Marbles Match Safe is a product you never thought you needed, but once you have one in your hands you’ll wonder how you lived with out it. On the surface, the concept is simple. A stainless steel container with a rubber gasket designed to protect matches from the elements. But they don’t just protect matches. Anything small enough to fit in the case (rolled up money, pills, etc.) gets all-elements protection in the cozy confines of the match safe. They’re so useful that they’ve been made nearly the same way for almost a century. Matches not included.  Details Waterproof Stainless steel 2 ⅝” long

<![CDATA[Stormproof Match Kit]]> Stormproof Match Kit

Stormproof Match Kit


On the surface, waterproof matches sound about as realistic as a knife made of light, but they actually exist. For less than a 6-pack, you get 25 stormproof matches and 3 striker sheets packed conveniently in a waterproof container. Each match will stay lit for up to 15 seconds even after being submerged in water. So far, we have tested their effectiveness in the following situations: lighting up in the car, starting a fire and bathroom sanitation. In an emergency situation, what's more important: beer or fire? These are so convenient and inexpensive that you'll never have to answer that.  Details Waterproof case that floats Integrated, replaceable striker (3 included) 25 waterproof & windproof matches Up to 15 seconds of burn time

<![CDATA[Hobo Eat Kit]]> Hobo Eat Kit

Hobo Eat Kit


Call it the Swiss Army knife of the dinner table or Voltron of the flatware world because regardless of how you look at it, the Hobo Eat Kit is going to revolutionize how you dine on the run. It’s for all those times when that cheap plastic shit fails you (always) or you're without flatware (camping/picnics/etc) and eating with your fingers isn’t an option. The knife, fork and spoon all fold into one convenient package, but they also separate into component parts in case you need to stab and cut or scoop and skewer simultaneously. Even if you're dressed like a hobo you gotta eat, right? Details .35 lbs Lockback knife 420J2 stainless steel blade measures 3” Includes nylon sheath