Despite the fact that the slingshot is a weapon that's almost two centuries old, it's just as effective now as it was when it was first invented. The concept has evolved over the years with better materials and construction methods, but the core principles remain the same as they were in your childhood vandal days: forked tree branch combined with elastic material that can be pulled back to hurl a projectile at impressive velocity. The Hella Slingshot is that same nostalgic weapon with a grown-up upgrade in the design and construction department. Each slingshot is handmade from forked tree branches stained with a walnut finish, twined in shellacked hemp and finished with a leather projectile pouch attached with latex tubing. It's functional enough to bring on your next outdoor adventure while still being pretty enough to display on a shelf when you're not out causing a ruckus.

  • One of a kind
  • Dimensions vary (height 8" - 10" / width 3" - 5")
  • Ammo not included
  • Not a toy