Despite the fact that details, construction methods and additional features have evolved since its closest relative was invented in the late 1500s, not much has changed with the basic concept of the pencil in the last 500ish years. An abrasive writing material like lead, graphite or charcoal is housed in a thin casing made of something like wood. In order to leave your mark on the pages in front of you, you need to sharpen said pencil. That's where the Caran D'ache Metal Pencil Sharpener comes in. This old school, vintage style metal pencil sharpener is a beautiful and time-tested tool that uses precision and finesse to turn your pencils from pretend drumsticks into writing implements that will create clean, perfect lines.

  • Suitable for pencils and pastel from 4 - 10mm in diameter
  • Interchangeable cutter
  • Developed in Switzerland