C.O. Bigelow has been making some of the best soothing, grooming and rejuvenating products since the middle of the 1800s, so it's no wonder that they're referred to as the Oldest Apothecary in America. In the almost two centuries since they got their start in the world of balms, lotions, grooming and bath products, the brand has learned a lot about what it takes to make the best products on the market. That's where the C.O. Bigelow Cold and Flu Soak comes in. This herbal bath preparation is a therapeutic herbal formula that combines 3.5% eucalyptus oil with other essential oils and extracts to help ease symptoms, soothe discomforts and get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

  • 10 fl. oz
  • Made in the USA with natural aromatics
  • No artificial colors
  • Not tested on animals