Fulton & Roark uses combinations of oil, wax and fragrance to create highly concentrated solid cologne that's fragrant without being overpowering. Clearwater was their first limited reserve offering that became so popular it was made part of their permanent collection. With its combination of the scents of Madagascan geranium and oak moss, along with notes of fresh water, we're not surprised this light and clean fragrance is as popular as it is. Forget about crossing the line between just enough and way too much cologne because this solid variety makes it easy to smell great without making the entire office feel like you took your lunch break at the perfume counter. And since it's packaged in a solid metal container, it's easy to throw in a bag or a drawer, damn near impossible to break, and doesn't even need to go in one of those annoying 3-1-1 bags at the airport.

  • Comes in solid metal container
  • .2 ounces
  • Lasts up to 7 months