No man wants to smell bad. When it comes to spray cologne, there's a very fine line between just enough and way too much that's very easy to cross. Make that a thing of the past with Fulton & Roark Sterling Solid Cologne. When you need to freshen up, grab a little with your finger and apply sparingly to upgrade your scent with aromatic tobacco complimented by notes of leather and rich vanilla. The highly concentrated cologne is made with a combination of oil, wax and fragrance that will keep you smelling your best on a daily basis--without broadcasting the smell to the entire office. And since it's packaged in a solid metal container, it's easy to throw in a bag or a drawer, damn near impossible to break, and doesn't even need to go in one of those annoying 3-1-1 bags at the airport.

  • Comes in solid metal container
  • .2 ounces
  • Lasts up to 7 months