We love a great glass of whiskey or a perfectly mixed cocktail as much as the next guy. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find either of those things on the trail during a weekend long adventure through the backwoods. That's where the High Camp Halflight 375 Flask comes in. Designed for your rough & tumble lifestyle and built out of stainless steel, the Halflight 375 Flask uses a split decanter / tumbler design to keep half a bottle of your favorite hooch at the perfect temperature all day long--while also giving you an easy, convenient and magnetic way to sip it at your leisure. Pop off the tumbler, unscrew the vacuum-insulated, leak-proof flask and pour yourself a dram or three because you deserve it after all that hard work.

  • Stainless construction
  • 7.375" x 3.25"
  • Brushed Polish
  • Includes insulated flask and magnetic tumbler