While a hefty sprinkling of salt and pepper is our general go-to for all things meat, those simple spices don't cut it when you really want to make an unforgettable meal. That's where this Korean BBQ Rub comes in. Packed with flavors of soy, sesame, and orange, Korean BBQ is delicious on almost everything--and it's easier to achieve than ever with this Korean BBQ Rub. Steak. Chicken. Pork. Veggies. Whatever you're cooking, this Korean BBQ Rub will help take your next meal to the next level.

  • Ingredients: Chili Flake, Salt, Organic Rice Concentrate, White & Black Sesame Seeds, Tamari Soy Granules, Maple Sugar, Orange Peel, Smoked Paprika, Cayenne
  • Resealable container
  • 4.4 oz