The original Laguiole knife was designed in 1829, as Frenchmen took their classic folding knife and blended it with the navaja blades of Spain. The result was a slim and curvy single blade that would become one of the most prized knives not only in France, but in the world. Here you get a modern spin on the iconic folder. The Laguiole Liner Lock Pocket Knife does away with the full handle and replaces it with steel and a strip of stag horn. The slim design and built-in clip means it’s a pocket knife that can easily attach to a shirt pocket or a piece of gear. The high carbon steel blade means this version of the iconic knife is robust enough to tackle far more than the foil on a wine bottle. Use it around the campsite, in the shop, or whenever you need a razor-sharp, durable blade. Consider it a contemporary version of an all-time classic.

  • Stag horn handle
  • High carbon steel blade
  • Stainless steel clip and screws
  • Liner opening-closing system
  • 4 ½” closed