We’ve all been there. Your toothpaste tube looks like a dog played with it but there’s still some in there that won’t come out. When no amount of pinching, scrunching and folding will do, you need the Toothpaste Tube Wringer to makes sure you get every last bit out of that tube of Crest. And while it might seem somewhat fun in nature, this is no chintzy toy, as it boasts a durable build that will last you a lifetime of toothpaste tubes.  Boasting aluminum rollers and a steel handle, the all metal device may seem like overkill.  Make no mistake, it is.  When you are not wringing out every last drop from that tube of toothpaste it can be used for all kinds of heavy duty jobs, such as caulking or extracting every bit of glue from the tube.  

  • Aluminum rollers
  • Steel handle
  • Built to last
  • Hand-made in Oregon