With phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices used on the daily, one charger just isn’t getting it done. The Smart Hub is the tech-fiend’s new best friend. Simply plug in the hub and you’ll have access to four USB ports and two AC sockets, meaning you can charge up to six devices using only one wall socket. Surely that means everything will charge at the speed of a snail, right? Nope. The Smart Hub boasts an auto-detect feature to charge each device at maximum speed. If you travel with a lot of devices or just work in a space where outlets are at a premium, you need the Smart Hub in your life.

  • Requires Type B Outlet
  • Four USB Ports (Including One USB-C)
  • Two AC Outlets
  • 8-Foot Power Cable
  • Leather Strap To Keep Cable Tangle Free
  • 5.4A Max, Up to 3A Per Port