The P-38 Can Opener—also known as a “John Wayne”—is a small, incredibly useful device with military roots. First developed in 1942 and distributed to United States Armed Forces during WWII, the tool served as a way for soldiers to open canned rations. It’s simple to use. The notch on the handle goes over the lip of the can and the tooth-like blade pierces the top. Twist it back and forth to work your way around. But the P-38 did not become famous just for opening meals. It became famous because it has a ton of uses that make it a powerful sidekick. The handle can serve as a flathead screwdriver. You can use the sharp edge to cut fishing line, boxes, and letters. It can remove splinters, open paint cans, and even strip wire. It’s an entire survival kit in a miniscule package. Take it with you by slipping a lanyard or chain through the hole on the handle. Even if you aren’t opening rations in the field, the P-38 Can Opener is worth adding to your everyday carry.

  • ½” x ¾”
  • 0.2 oz
  • Necklace included 
  • Made in USA