It’s the lines of a car that captivate us the most. Here those lines are boiled down to their simplest, most organic form and spit out as a toy at home in the hands of a child or on the shelf behind your desk. The Buck Race Car is reminiscent of early racers from the ‘20s and ‘30s, with a simple, elegant shape perched atop a collection of tires. Its beauty is truly in its simplicity. Each is made of ABS plastic, outfitted with soft-roll rubber wheels, and finished with a high gloss UV coating that is formulated to last, making this very much an heirloom toy. This hand-polished, stunning green version really stands out when put on display, so it’s one for both kids and kids at heart.

  • Ages 3 and Up
  • ABS Plastic with High Gloss UV Coating
  • Hand-Polished
  • 8.5"x4.7"x4.1"