The tape measure was patented almost two hundred years ago by an English gentleman, and the design hasn't changed much since then. Leave it to the Japanese creatives at Penco / Hightide to create a version that we absolutely had to have despite the fact we already own way too many tape measures. The Penco Pocket Tape Measure skips the usual circular design with curved measuring tape and bright yellow color in favor of a sleek and stylish square body with vintage detailing. Sure, it only measures up to a little over 6.5' (2m) and in metric, but it's just as much a cute little display piece reminiscent of a time gone by as it is a functional tool. We're ok with that.

  • Designed in Japan
  • Silver with black detailing
  • 6.5' (2m) length
  • 1.5" x 1.75" x 0.5"