The Pry.Me is the honey badger of bottle openers. Its diminutive stature conceals ferocious capabilities. At just ¾” in length, it’s about the size of a penny, but it will tear through bottle cap after bottle cap and even hold up to 164,000 times its own weight. Why should you care? Well, your average bottle opener is fine when you’re using it, but when it’s on your keychain it stabs your thigh and makes a mess of keys even messier. The Pry.Me doesn’t. The Pry.Me comes with a 32mm split ring to attach it to and slips effortlessly into your pocket. Go ahead and doubt it, but the Pry.Me Bottle Opener will handle a lifetime of brews.

  • Includes 32mm Split Ring
  • Sandstone Finished Titanium
  • .02 lbs
  • .1” x .28” x .7”