The ice cream scoop is one of those classical inventions that hasn’t really changed since it was first created more than a century ago because, if we're being completely honest, it didn't really need to. How much science and technology do you really need to incorporate into the delivery of frozen cream from it's packaged container into your bowl of choice? More than you'd imagine if you've never used one of these Warming Ice Cream Scoops. With it's larger bowl, more pronounced edge and thermo-conductive (warming!) handle, this scoop cuts through your Cookies N' Cream, Rocky Road or Rainbow Sherbet like butter and drops perfectly round, slightly larger scoops into your bowl of choice. No one should be eating ice cream every day, but if you're going to be consuming everyone's favorite frozen treat, do it right and serve it up with this Warming Ice Cream Scoop.

  • Aluminum and polypropylene construction
  • 5.8 oz