Packed inside a container that looks plucked from a doomsday bunker, the Ultimate Survival Kit is truly peace of mind in a tin. Loaded with over 20 items that could mean the difference between life and death, it would be foolish to go it alone. Keep the Ultimate Survival Kit in your camping bag or in your glove box and you’ll always be prepared should disaster strike. This kit will satisfy the prepper in you, as it includes everything from a night light to salt sachets and water tablets, and offers a bevy of items that each have dozens of uses. You may never have to use it, but should a time come when you do, you’ll be happy you nestled one away for worst-case scenarios.

  • Includes: Water bag, nylon cord, night light, flint and striker, compass, fishing kit, mini multi-purpose tool, book of matches, sewing kit, water tablets, safety pins, single edge blade, salt sachets, mayday mirror, gold wire, pencil, distress whistle, tampon (for use as tinder), wire saw, lock bag, cable ties, micro torch, silicone tubing
  • Includes waterproof instructions
  • 5 ¼” x 3 ¾” x 1 ½”
  • 9.6 oz.